December 17, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 107

HI folks

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Seven         

Christmas is moving-in FAST.  Just what it will be like We have yet to know:  But let’s hope can have a good time with 

Family or Friends.  And to set the mood, A Blast from the Past

Put in;

The Christmas Song(Merry Christmas To You) 3.11

Somehow Christmas doesn’t seem right without That Song; 

Oh and of course:  We have just GOT TO HAVE this: 

Put in:

Bing Crosby. White Christmas 3.04

Can you really believe that was recorded in 1947.

And keeping to Old Songs: Thirty Years, or so,Ago, a guy called Richard Marx sang a really good Song..  and it Sold lots!!

Put In:

Right Here Waiting – 30th Anniversary of Repeat

Offender 4.41

Yes I Know it’s NOT FOLK.  But It is a Great Song.. and something good to listen to.  BUT OK: LET’s get to the real stuff. And here we have a Lady with a Very Famous name.. and I think She does a good version of a very famous Old Song:


Rosanne Cash: 500 Miles 3.3

Oh it is good to hear that again..  It Really Is a Great Song.. 

And Rosanne is good: Famous name from Famous Father.

Lots of Folks never got a holiday this year.. and Maybe NOT again Next year.. So here is something with the Greek Sun.

Put In:

Periali –Miki Theodorkis 4.07

Oh that is just Sun and Ouzo.  Yes that brings back So Many Memories:

Let’s keep that mood.

Put In:

Costa Cordalis Kiky 3.34

Oh Total Magic for Me  and I hope for you.. And if you have  a touch of Greek Brandy to put in that Ouzo!! 

What more do you ask?

BUT: Where can I take You from Here?

Remember  in RAYS CHAT 106; We had a New Lady sing for Us and I think We shouldhear from her again:

Put in:

Heidi Talbot –The Loneliest 4.26

There is something Haunting in her voice:  Yes I do Like Her.

It Doesn’t say Who the man is.  I liked his voice.

And now  let’s hear a Duo I have played before; they have Great harmonies with their songs, I like them so lets hear them again:

Put In:

When You Look Me In The Eyes –  Music Travel Love (Jonas Brothers Cover) 3.39

I like the Simplicity of the way they do things: Nicely Laid-back.

Well now it’s time for another Lady: and let’s make it Country!

Put in:

Kerry Fearon Storms Never Last Official Video 2.35

And NOW something for the Ladies : sit back Ladies and pour a glass of your favourite tipple: And listen to this:

Put in:

My Love – Andy Tielman 3.40

Well there you are Ladies that was something for You.

OK; And now something for the guys: I was just wandering around and came upon two Ladies; new to me.   So: See how you like them:

Put In:

Mama He’s Crazy 3.23

And looking to find something to follow that: I found a “Mandolin Orange” track that I had not heard before.  And I liked it.; 

Put In:

Mandolin Orange – Unknown Legend

(Neil Young Cover) 4.52

Yes: I do Like Mandolin Orange.

And continuing my wandering.. just lookingaround, I came upon a Group that were NEW to Me.. So I listened.. and liked.

So see how YOU like them

Put In:

GONE West – This Time (Official Video)- Colbie Caillat New Band  3.43

Hey: I want to hear one of the Greatest Folk Songs; and: YES, I have one whizzing round my mind.  Listen to this and join-in.

Put in

City Of New Orleans, Arlo Guthrie 5.35

Oh that really is one of the Greats. I hope you enjoyed that.. 

And talking of Train Songs.. There is one that comes to mind that really was a BIG song of the Skiffle Age:  Oh YES  I Gotta have One thatcomes from about 1957:

Put in:

Freight Train – Nancy Whiskey 2.50

Oh those Skiffle days were the start of Many Folk Clubs.  

Did you know that THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP started as a Skiffle Group?   And S0 did the BEATLES.  They were THE QUARRYMEN.    And a guy that really made His name with Skiffle was LONNIE DONEGAN.  OH yes. AND: This really was a HIT in the 1950’s.

Put in:

Lonnie Donegan – Puttin On The Style (1957) 2.45

That’s a trip into History for you..  BUT: We are in the 2,000’s And the sort of Group We are much more likely to hear /is maybe?

Put this in:

Mumford & Sons  – Hopeless Wanderer (Official Music Video) 5.14

I find there is a place for both the Old and the New. With maybe a bias towards the OLD.. BUT: It’s the New Boys that are running the Show Now:  Like these two:

Calum Scott, Leona Lewis  – You Are The Reason (Duet Version) 3.16

Till next time Keep Smiling

We Need Something to be Cheerful About:Think FOLK.  And Hope the Club can Open SOON.

AND HAVE BEST CHRISTMAS POSSIBLE.                                                               Ray