December 5, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 106

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Six

Hi Folks

Here are  a few more songs which I hope will make you a little Happier in these hard days.

And I have a Lady Who is new to me:

Diane suggested You might like this Lady.. AND  Yes I DO like Her: See what You think?

Put in:

Heidi Talbot – If You Stay 3.00

Lovely Haunting Quality to Her voice and the Backing it Superb.

I loved it.  Yes I think I will be wanting More of Heidi.

And there is another Lady (Well part of a Duo) I really like. 

I am going to play.  This I an Old song Bob Dillon wrote it ONKS Ago: But:  this is a Great version:  See if you agree with me?

Put in:

Mandolin Orange – Boot of SpanishLeather) Bob Dylan Cover – Audiotree Live 6.48

There are lots of versions of this song, But I reckon this new version takes a lot of beating.

And now lets hear something different: 

Put in:

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Catfish John 4.08

There’s a nice Happy song for you

AND HEY!! I AM SURE That is Allison Krause there on the fiddle.

Remember in Chat 103; I found a new Singer that I had never heard before and I really was Amazed!!   as I really liked him.

So I am going to suggest another song from Mickey Newbury:

This was recorded towards the end of his life.. 

and I am not really sure I  know what the song is about.

But I can’t STOP listening to him.. his timing is unbelievable!! 

And that fiddle!!.WOW

This is Magic!!!!!!.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury – Nights When I Am Sane. 4.16

Oh Mickey!  I am  so sorry I missed you when you were alive.  I really like your voice and the songs you sing.    And NOW!!  I have got to follow THAT!!    Well I reckon there is a guy that I think can do it for me:

Yes: AND: You know I think this guy is Good.

Put In:

Jack Savouretti  – When You’re Gone (Bryan Adams & Mel C) Cover 3.56

Yes: I reckon that does it for me.  I have rated Jack from first time I found him.  I am sure I will be finding MORE of him.. keep watching RAYS CHATS. There will be more of Jack Savouretti.

We have had two fellars..

So I guess it’s time for another lady. And YES; I admit the one I have chosen  for you; is one of my favourites.  

But it is quite a while since I played this.

and it is so well worth listening to

Put  in: 

Alison Krauss & Union Station – The Lucky One 3.07

I haven’t had this guy on Rays Chat for quite a while:

And: Yes I know he is not real folk. But He is good, So let’s listen to him: 

So: Put in:

Sting – Every Breath You Take 4.48

And the next song  goes back a long way.. 

Oh I think You will Know the song.. 

It was one of Peter, Paul and Marys songs.   

Well here is a version that is new to me. See how you like it.?

I rather like the fiddle. 

Put In:

500 Miles – Inside Llewyn Davis 3.24

Oh Yes that was a Great Song:  It came from those days when the Folk World was exploding with NEW Young singers, New writers.. New Music.

Oh Yes.. I remember this:

Put in:

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair2.54

Long time ago: It was the time when Youth was leading the pack; and there were some Great songs being sung.. 

like this;

Put in:

Alert Hammond – It never rains In Southern California 4.11.

And in 1967 this song came out:

Put in: Massachusetts 2.27

True story: And Did you know that the birth rate shot-up When the Lights Went out?   And Yes it is not Folk.. But  so many new songs were difficult to categorise?  


The New vinyl Sereo Records were Just  MAGIC.

Fantastic Quality Sound.. and Movement.  

I remember I bought one of the new Stereo Discs of THE AMERICAN MUSICAL “FLOWER DRUM Song”.. and two characters walk from one side to of the stage to the other; crossing in the middle… 

AND YES You do actually hear them cross over..

The Seekers made one of these New Stereo records  and the quality was amazing: Remember it?

Put in:

The Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You, (1964, HQ STEREO) 3.04  

Yes The Sales of LP Vinyl records shot-UP .

And for our last song Let’s stay with THE SEEKERS: singing a 

Famous Pete Seeger Song.

Put in:

The Seekers  – Turn, Turn, Turn (HQ Stereo,) 

1966 /67) 3.25

Oh!! Memories:  I am glad to be able to help keep these Great Songs alive for you.

Till next time Keep Smiling