August 23, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 97

Hi Folks:

It‘s RAYS CHAT Ninety Seven:

Hi Folks:

Yes Rays Chat time again.  

I was thinking which Folk singers have been the ones that have survived from the 60’s:  

Certainly Bob Dylan has to be on that list.  He really did bring New sounds to folk; and they have lasted.

His songs still sound as good to me, as when he wrote them.  

Blowin in the Wind. Is still a Great Song.

And: DON’T THINK TWICE it’s ALRIGHTstill sounds Great. 


Well!!  That could have been written for right NOW!!..

And another young American that was new in the 60’s made a big impression on me.. and He is still alive and Singing 

Yes I am talking about TOM PAXTON.

I bought, and still treasure his First recordfrom 60’s.

And yes TWO songs on that Album; are still favourite songs EVER:

Put in: 

Rambling Boy 1964 4.04

it is a real great record.  And also on the same Record:

is probably My Favourite Song of all time!!

Put in;

I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound 3.41

Then: I was just wandering in YOU TUBE and found a tribute to Paul Simon.. which I had not heard before.. And as 

THE BOXER was always one of my most loved of Pauls Music:  

I thought You might like it.  Let’s listen this:

Put in:

James Taylor & Alison Krauss – The Boxer: Paul Simon Tribute 3.10

WOW!! Thanks Paul for what I rate as one of the 

Greatest ~Folk songs EVER

And then early Sixties:  I heard a young American guy; 

Who, Really didn’t Really SING!!.. More talked; But WOW he knew How to put a song over:

Put in:

Willie Nelson – Crazy 1961 4.57

And Do you Know? He was born in 1933.  YES that makes him 87 and still Singing. And hear this:

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain Blue eyes crying in the Rain 3.11

This certainly is one of MY most favourite of his recordings

Willie tried various styles of singing: doing pretty well, whatever he did:  Not everyone knows that Willie was part of the HIGHWAYMEN GROUP for a while: 

That was Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristopherson and Willie Nelson

Put in:

The Highwaymen – City of New Orleans 4.57

And He seemed to get better and better as He found a lovely Gentle style:  

Just listen to How He sings this:

Put in:

Willie Nelson – A Couple More Years 4.28

Just So Simple and So good.. WOW!!

Willie’s simple style went well with Lady Singers:  

So you can find him just keeping laid back.  Like this:

Put In;

Willie Nelson & Carol King – “Will You Still Love me Tomorrow” 3.54

Then as Willie got Older, and his family grew-Up.. The whole Family took to the road. With His two Sons singing and playing various Instruments.:  And Willie Sang with his Family.  

Here He is singing with his Two Sons:

Put in:

Willie Nelson and The Boys – My Tears Fall 1.12

Then One day Willie Got to sing with his own daughter;

But He always keeps in the background.

Put in:

Willie Nelson & Family featuring Paula Nelson: Have you Ever Seen The rain (Live) 5.46

And here is a special informal chat with Willie and his Family

Put in:

Willie Nelson and The Boys – Blue Eyes Crying  in the Rain (Official Video) 3.29  

YES: I think He got better as He got Older:.  

And the result it just laid back and Magic.  

Just listen to this:

Put in: 

Willie Nelson – A Moment isn’t very long 3.23

And I have saved for the end of this Rays Chat  

a Really Superb Willie Nelson song.  

Oh Willie all those years of singing and playing.. I think have given you the ability to just present the perfect song. 

Put in:

Willie Nelson  Moment of Forever3.58

Thanks Willie.. That is a gorgeous recording.

Well now you know WHY I am SO Glad that I found this guy:

Oh So Long AGO.

I hope you have enjoyed being with me for RAYS CHAT 97.

Really digging into the Great days of my Youth. 

And look forward to My next Chat with you.

This time it was Oldies. 

So next time. 

YES, Only right that some Younger Singers get their chance:

Till next time:   Keep Smiling