August 28, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 98

Hi Folks:


There are a lot of NEW SINGERS that are the Up and Coming guys of the Future: AND this one has been a real new find for me: I First found him in an RAYS CHAT 89: Let Us hear him again: 

Put in:

Jack Savouretti  – Greatest Mistake (Home Video) 4.59

I am really liking this guy.  I will be playing more of him. I am sureYes I like Jack Savouretti

Another Young guy I have played before and rather like is: 

Put in:

Lewis Capaldi- Hold Me While You Wait (Lyrics) 3.55

Over 40 million people have viewed that clip.

Lewis has gained himself a big following: 


Put In:

Ed Sheeran – How Would You Feel [Music Video] One Day 4.41  

Over 30 million viewed that clip.

Those; Three guys are not just folk:

Although, Ed Sheeran Does sing folk Songs:

But: They are making a BIG impression in the Folk World.

Listen to Ed Sheeran sing this:

Put in:

Ed Sheeran – Make It Rain 5.50

And: Just what category THAT fits in.. I really don’t know?.  

But I think He is SO good.  I want to hear him sing.

Now let’s have a Lady singer; and this lady is new to me:

Put in:

Gentle On  My Mind Molly – Tuttle at Augusta Bluegrass Week 2016 4.14

There is some great Instrumental stuff on this recording.

And the Song – Gentle on My Mind??  

I guess that has probably made you think GLEN CAMPBELL:

Well He made THAT song Famous:   

YES OK..  Yes Go on!! Let’s have Glen sing – 


Put in

Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy 3.02

Great Song

But: would you say that is Glens Best Song?

OR: This one??  He also made this real famous:

Put in: By The Time I get To Pheonix-Glen Campbell.


But Are They Folk?    So What?  It is all Great Music.

And Where Do We go next??   Well: How about this?:

Put in:

Gram Parsons/The Byrds “Hickory Wind” 3.33

OH I DO like that; and I Want to hear Gram Parsons again

Put in:

Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down-Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers 2.55

Great voice and Here’s one with the added Bonus of: The Voice

Of  EmmyLou Harris

Put In:

Gram Parsons and  EmmyLou Harris: Return of the Grievous Angel 4.26

Yes: I Think that, this guy could have been real Great:

BUT: Unfortunately Gram Parson died Age 23, in Mysterious circumstances.??!! 

SO!!?  Where Do We go to next?

Well We have heard EmmyLou..singing with Gram Parsons.

And She is still Very Much with Us, Yes let’s hear Emmy; Great Singer.   

So Yes I think another from EmmyLou, might be good right now:

Put in:

Emmylou Harris – I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose (The Old Grey Whistle Test Show Dec4 1977) 3.36

Yes: I like it: I hope You do.  

I started by saying We’d have Newer Songs and Singers..

And YET!! Here I am right back with the Oldies!!

But I guess that’s the way Memory works.. We remember the songs we like!!  And this is another Oldie is knocking at my Memory Door.

Put in:

“I Will Always Love You” Linda Ronstadt 2.54

Yes: We are right to want to hear the Good Oldies:

They are Superb Singers and the Great Songs still deserve to be Heard.  

And for My next singer;  

A gorgeous voice came into my mind: One of the Newer Singers I do rather like

A lady I have not featured for a while… 

And I have found her Singing a song I have never featured on RAYS CHAT before:  

SO!! See How you Like this?

Put in:

Katie Meluha – The One I Love Is Gone 3.37

Oh Katie!! WOW.

YES! I do Like Katie; and I feel We just got to hear her sing another song:

Put in

Katie Meluha – The Bit I Don’t Get 3,11

Now to finish  I have a Song in Mind.. being sung by a Lady 

Who  had one of the best voices ever in the Folk World.

(SO SAD She Died Very Young.. Very much missed)

Yes it is Sandy Deny. 

And I found a Song that I did not know!!

So; as an end to RAYS CHAT 98.  

I give you something Very Special

Just listen to this!!  

Put in:

Sandy Denny | No End 6.46

See you Next time. Keep Smiling