August 13, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 96

Hi Folks:


Hi There: I am missing seeing you at our Club.  Oh So Very Much!

This Lock down is really changing everyone’s lives.

And I have had a lot of time to think; of my early days in Folk.

And certainly the one of the BEST things ever happened to me Was 

meeting Ian Campbell and joining the JUG OF PUNCH

But that was all a very long time ago..  

and there has been a lot of water going under that Bridge over Troubled waters, since then. And I have talked about many of the old days.

So I reckon we need to Hear some of the Newerguys:  that are making new sounds.  I asked YOU TUBE what was Best.. of the newer Folk Songs.   and this was the answer

Put in:

Passenger | The Way That I Love You (Official Video) 2,55

OK:  I quite like “Passenger”  BUT is it THE BEST????

I tried again.. and it came up with this:

James Blunt – Halfway feat. [Ward Thomas] 3.22

It seems this guy is One of the BIG New boys.

Well:  All I can say is that reminded me of the 1950’s when Barn Dancing was all the go!! (more Memories!!)

BUT: I do like – Some of the New boys : 

I Very Much Go for this guy

Put in:

Callum Scott, Leona Lewis –You are The Reason (Duet Version) 3.16

Callum Was a Golden Buzzer Winner Award in BRITAINS GOT TALLENT.  I look forward to hearing MORE Of him. 

And YES: that’s real hard to Follow. He is good.

So: Let us hear  two of the newer singers:  

This is a duo that I have featured before: AND: I do like a lot; 

So Lets listen to Birdy and Rhodes.

Put In:

BIRDY + RHODES –  Let it All Go [Official] 4.41

Yes I like them:  and of course it is the Young who will make the FOLK of the future.   

BUT; I am NOT forgetting there are Great songs right now; 

And here is a Singer that I like a lot:

Put in:

Alison Krauss & John Waite – Lay Down Beside Me 4.49

AND: Do you know: I had never heard THAT recording beforeAnd YES; I really liked it.  

As ever Alison is just so good to listen to: and those Harmonies are REALLY Somethings.. and then She Sang this:

Put in:

ALISON KRAUSS – Dreaming My Dreams 4.24

Oh Yes..  Great Song:  definitely one I will be hearing again.  Thanks Alison.

But we need: The New Young guys:

AND:   How do you fancy some pretty nifty Guitar Playing??

See How you like this:

Put In:

Jacob Gurevitsch – Lovers in Paris – 0073 5.12

Sounds rather good to me.   

Oh Yes: this is the kind of NEW guys I am VERY Happy to listen to.  Some nifty guitar playing there.

I like this guy:

Let’s have another from him:

Put in:

For Your Love | Jacob Gurevitsch | Spanish Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Music 6.12

And tell you what!! I am not even going to try to follow that..   

I think a nice Gentle Duo would be good now.. 

and I know just the one:

Put in:

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Music Travel Love (Grand Canyon) (Creedance Clearwater Revival) 3.56

Then I found this:

Put in:

Save Myself – Ed Sheeran [lyric] 3.54

Great Song writing.

And Then You Tube played me this:

Put in:

I’m So Tired of it all 3.36

I really Like this Version

And I wonder if you remember this guy: He isfrom a long time ago:  

He died in 2002.        

Put in:

Mickey Newbury…Some Memories Are Better Left Alone 6.04

He was a Great singer.

Let’s have another song from him.

Put in:

“Sweet Memories” by Mickey Newbury…3.30

Oh YES: I am glad I remembered Mickey.

And towards the end of His Life He Recorded:what I think is the best Recordings: of THE AMERICAN TRILOGY.. 

IT IS So Simple and He really Sings it Superbly. 

See What YOU think?

Put in:

Mickey Newbury – An American Trilogy 3.59

Till next time Keep Smiling; and hope for that day when We can be together again