July 12, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 94

Hi Folks:It’s RAYS CHAT Ninety FOUR.

I Am Wishing So Much that I could be with you all at the Folk Club.  But as things are; doesn’t look like We will be Meeting again for a while yet!!So What have I got to talk to you about this RAYS CHAT?

Well I was searching for some laid-back Gentle Music.. and.Heard some really Peaceful Music that was New to me.. and I wanted to hear more:  And thought, YOU might like it. And That maybe You would find it Peaceful!  I think We all need some Peace of Mind with these tough times We are living-in. 

SO: Relax and Enjoy this:  Oh So Gentle Music!!Put in: Life of Pi – Hollywood in Vienna @ Vienna Concerthaus  3.40  

If you liked that?  I really liked it.You can  Look –Up, more Music from Life of Pi. (and I thought it was  gorgeous).  I like it a lot.   I am So Pleased I have found it.
But it’s not Folk you might say.

So: OK Lets Go for something VERY DIFFERENT.  Definitely FOLK.See How you like this  real Old Folk Song: Put in:The Fields of Athenry – The Dubliners| Festival Folk (1957) 5.43
Well that IS Folk:   A song That goes back a long way telling a true story. Those were hard times.
But maybe you would like something like this:Put In:

Roll On Mississippi – Charley Pride3.94

What’s That?? It is not really Folk!!

Well OK:  How about a nice Country Song?I have not heard THIS for a long time; and I know at least One guy Who will love this:

Put in:

John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders (Official Audio) 5.20

Yes Nice Gentle Song for sitting in the garden with a Gin and Tonic? Maybe?

Or maybe you would like a Lady singing??

Put in:

Alison Krauss & Union Station – There is a Reason 5.24 

Hey: That was NEW to Me!!  And I really like that..YES.  

Yes Thanks Alison.. I reckon I will be playing that again.

Well there you have had a real variety of song.  SO: NOW: Where will I lead you next?

Well there some Great New People making lovely sounds.  

I quite like this group:

Put in:

Simply Three – Original Song 4.27

But strange to call something a “Song”  when it has No words.

To Me “YOU TUBE” Is just a MAGIC place.   

It is total Wonder to me that at the flick of a button I can be transported to Magical places..

Like This:  Put in:

Light in  – Babylon Nava Ani LIVE 6.05

And then, at the flick of a button;  

Your Magic Carpet will; Maybe take you to:?  Say  this

Put in:

Lights of Taormina 6.07

Total Joy

And YES your Magic carpet can take to anywhere.As Holidaying is going to be difficult this year..We will Maybe have to make our own Holidays?!
        So perhaps you will be sitting in your garden; with a Rum Punch        imagining you are there in some remote sunny Heaven.Put In:Happy Tropical Music – Mermaid Lagoon 3.41 
I wonder just Where YOU might have been going??If Our World had not Fallen apart: ??
Would this kind of Music have been  the Holiday of your choice?:Put in:Perigiali – Mikis Theodorakis 4.58 I think Another Ouzo would be nice now!!And;  if you had been going to a Greek Island the chances areyou would have met-up with Zorbas Dance…maybe in some Taverna!! But doubt if you would have found if danced as well as this?Put in:Zorbas Agios (San) Stephanos  Corfu. July 2013 2.46 
Oh YES Memories of Happier days.And So: We are nearing the end of another RAYS CHAT.There is just time for one more song..and I know the Lady I would like to have the last Song!! That Song We heard earlier by Alison Krauss.Really made me want to hear her again So Put In:Alison Krauss and Union Station – The Lucky One3.07 

Yes: Alison You can still make me say wow

                 THAT was Great singing. Till Next time Wishing So Much                   that I could Be with You All.                           Keep Smiling