July 8, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 93

Hi Folks:

It‘s RAYS CHAT Ninety Three.

Sunny Days make us all think of where we might have been.. 

But for this Virus; which has entirely changed Our World; 

And: For most of us it looks like;

No Flying:  So No Holidays in your favouriteplace this year!!

So: I thought I would use our Magic carpet of YOU TUBE to transport Us to some Dream Holiday places.

And, you know I love Greek islands.

So let’s start right there:  And one of the things you will find is that the Greeks love dancing.. and so that’s the place to start

Put in:


Gentle lovely Old Greek dance the SIRTAKI..  Yes Zoba the Greek Dance was modelled on the Sirtaki.

And Now having had some exercise..  Time to relax.. and I have some lovely relaxing Music for you Now: 

Just Pour yourself an OUZO AND LEMONADE, and relax in the Deck Chair; there’s some Magic Music coming next:

Put in:

Perigiali – Mikis Theodorakis 4.07

Yes: I do ADORE that Gorgeous Music from those Enchanting islands in the sun.  

But, this year I won’t be Flying anywhere..

Maybe you are thinking the same?  

So what holiday plans have you??  

Maybe staying at home; spending time in your garden dreaming of places you might have thought of going to.    

Or; Is it going to be staying fairly local? Perhaps Somerset, or Devon. 

Even perhaps Cornwall

Put in:

Jethro singing st just cornwall 3.54

Well He likes Cornwall.. So it might be good for You?.

Here is what you might see if you do go:

Put in:

Englands  Cornwall 25.01.

Well you can go there and see things maybe you have never seen before.  Ancient things.. Sometimes  Mysterious things!

Or Perhaps?  YOU are the more Active type – and Yes, We have been sitting around a lot lately!!  

So Maybe you are looking for something moreactive?

Well I wonder:  How do you fancy a bit of Real Old English Morris Dancing?  Well it’s different!!

Put in:

Moulton Morris 2.33

All very mysterious in origins

English Morris Dancing is Oh so VERY Old.. Really into History.

I love to watch it.

And I have a confession to make::  

I was on a Leaders Course for various Folk Dancing..

and it came to Morris Dancing and they kitted us out with flowers and bells round our knees.. And after some instruction We were formed-up to Demonstrate our new skills..

Then it was MY turn to jig around waving my handkerchiefs, 

and ringing my bells!!

And I had a fit of the giggles!!  

just couldn’t STOP GIGGLING!!  Wayvy wavy Tinkle Tinkle;  Doing the steps..  

Then The Music stopped and Management asked me to Leave:

with the comment This is a serious subject

! I do wonder if I am the only Person ever thrown-out of Morris ~Dancing??

But NO??: You don’t think Morris Dancing is you??

So: If it wasn’t for this Virus.. Where would you want to go ?

Does somewhere in the Caribbean Sun attract you?.

Would you be for this kind of Music?

Put In:

One Love – Bob Marley Cover – Steel Rhythm Band Reggae 2.42

Nice One.  Oh those steel drum just bring SUN into the Mind..

You are there in your mind in Jamaica… You can dream; Go on. Dream a little.   

And Maybe Something like this can keep you dreaming

Put in

Ub40 – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Official Video) 3.34

Maybe you want to think of Places you have been in Happier times memories; Perhaps you are Someone Who Loves SPAIN.??

And ~You can Dream that you are there:

Put this in:

Flamenco Dance (7) in Granada 2015 2.12

Or; Were you thinking more of this:
Put in:

Asturias (Albeniz) 1.50

Maybe  a little energetic for you??

So lie back and Pour yourself your favourite drink;  

This is going to be something much more relaxing; and you can dream!! Yes you can dream; as you listen to this.

Put in:

Holunape – Ohaili iKaluhea (Hisessions.com Acoustic live) 4.11

Yes you can dream: and with the wonders of YOU TUBE you can have Music from wherever you wish. Just Search and you can be there in your mind.

And so We have come to the end of another Rays Chat:  

We have been Here there everywhere: and now

Till Next time:  Try and Enjoy Life.  

And May Peace be with You.