June 24, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 92

Hi Folks:

It‘s RAYS CHAT Ninety Two 

Have you noticed Folk is Changing??   

Where Pop starts compared to Folk is much harder to say; 

So you get guys like Ed Sheeran who can fill huge stadiums. 

As a Pop Star.  Or He will sing Folk Songs: like this:

Put in:

Ed Sheeran // Wild Mountain Thyme 2.13

I think It’s Great..   

And Then you get guys like this. What Box do you put Him in?

Put This in:

Jeff Buckley – Mamma,you’ve been on my mind 3.27

Do You like him??

And: How about This Guy..  I don’t know What BOX you would put him in either.. But I like him:

Put In:

Time Will Tell by Gregory Alan Isakov 3.25

Yes: Things are changing.. and now We are seeing Singers going across the board.. 

Well you already know I have already blurred the boundaries by featuring Ladies like Norah Jones and KATIE MELUHA:

Oh Yes: Let’s have more, Norah.

Put in:

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (Official Video)  3.19

Just a great song perfectly sung.. 

And keeping to the gentle mood: Let’s have My Other lovely Lady.  

JUST: listen to the lovely gentle voice of KATIE MELUHA singing this song. 

Yes: Put this in:

Katie Meluha My Love 3.35

Thanks Katie.  I think She is Great.. But Again..  Is She Folk?

And now a change .. I reckon it is time to hear a Duo that I have not heard before; Yes New to Me.  And I am liking them.  

See How you like this:

Put in:

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Music Travel Love (Grand Canyon)(Creedance Clearwater Revival Cover) 3.56

Yes I really like that  Let’s have another from this Duo

Put this in:

If Life Is So Short – Music  Travel Love (Lyrics)3.56

Nice sound..  

But Ok. ARE THEY FOLK???  So What ?? Do you like them???

So: Now: A change of mood!!:

I think a gentle piece of guitar Magic would be good??

Ok: It is quite an old song that was sung by Roy Orbison.. 

and I agree, No it is NOT Folk..

But it’s nice to listen to: Just Enjoy it.

Put In:

“California Blue” – Ricky King, German Guitarist (Instrumental) 4.0

And So Back to ~ Song: 

And I have found Some Ladies that I rather like.. 

Yes, See what you think:

Put in,

The Staves  – The Eagle Song | Take Away Show 5.40

Well:  Did you Like them?.  

I certainly do think they are good.

Would you like another song from them?

OK Put In:

The Staves – ‘Icurus’ (Filmed By Miles O’Reilly) 3.36

I am now going to choose  something that Is More Holiday Mood.

Which None of Us can have this year!! 

Memories of Happier times: This may make you think of Sun and Sangria!! ?

Yes: here is a song that has blue Skies, Sun,and the 

Magic of Nana Mouskouri..

Relax: listen and  imagine you are there.

Put IN:

EL Amor – Juan Gabriel & Nana Mouskouri 5.37

YES: Dreamy Days.. 

Here is Some MORE, of the Magic of the Greek Islands in the sun.

Put in

Perigali – Mikis Theodorakis  4.07

OH Dreams!!  Of gorgeous days, with maybe another glass of Ouzo in your hand.  This is Heaven for me. Memories of Happy Days.

SO: How Do I follow That?

Well: here is a gorgeous bit of Guitar playing from Ry Cooder: and a great lot of musicians. 

Put in:

Ry Cooder Maria Elana 6.25

Yes: That was real good:  

Some Great Playing there. Lovely Gentle Music.

BUT: if you think that was good:

Now listen to this:

Ry Cooder – Cancion Mixteca 4.16


Oh That is just  perfect PEACE Oh justPERFECT peace.

Now room for Just One more Song:   

And I am thinking back to the early days for Our Last Song.  

It really IS, ONE of the GREATS:

But: This is a new versionSee  How You Like it?

Put in:

Don’t think twice, it’s alright | bob Dylan |acoustic cover ft. monica martin 3.58

Nice being with you, I hope you enjoyed My Gentle Song Choices.

Till Next time:  Try and Enjoy Life.  

And May Peace be with You.