June 14, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 91

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT Ninety One.

Summer is coming-on.

And We just Don’t know WHEN? The Folk Club can meet again..  

YES: Summer is The time When We all think of SUN. 

And Holiday; time.  With lot’s of Sun


YES it is a Holiday at home time:  Buthopefully: You May be able to relax in your garden. And think you are in some exotic place. 

– Use your imagination-   A Barbecue Meal; With maybe a glass of wine.. and Some gentle Music!!

See how you Like this?:

Put In: Life of Pi – Hollywood in Vienna @ Vienna Concerthaus  3.40

This Music was New to me.. Gentle, Soothing: Never had heard it before; Liked it a lot and wanted to hear more:  

Just loved it ; So Gentle.. 

YES I loved it.  and thought.. That maybe YOUwould like it; and find it Peaceful! After a long days work.  

So RELAX, and sit in your best comfy chair you might Drop off to sleep

Put In:

If you liked that.. You can Look –Up more Music from 

Life of Pi  

It’s all there on YOU TUBE.  Lovely, Gentle!!  

really like it a lot. 

I wonder? What do YOU Think?

And YES: It did make me think of the relaxing Holiday:

I am NOT going on this year.  

YES: We are all stuck at home.

SoYou have got to make that garden into your favourite Holiday place:  

And get YOU TUBE to choose the Music for you:

SO: Where Do you wish to go?..

Talk to YOU TUBE..  

You can go ANYWHERE you Wish??

DO YOU wish You could Cruising down a lovely River Somewhere??  Or in your dreams are you lying on a golden beach: on some Jamaican Island?

And: YouTube will find you some Music to Suit Your Mood.

Maybe Something Like this:

Put in: 

Laid Back – Sunshine Reggae 4.14

Or: is your idea of Heaven a Sailing Boat ~Holiday?

Perhaps Camping?

But; NO..You are staying home

Your garden will be your playground

And! maybe You will want organise a garden barbeque .. 

OHHH Got to keep Distance though.

I wonder What Sort of Music  YouTube would choose?For a Barbecue?.

Put in: Ed Sheeran – I See Fire ( Music Video) 4.54

Well It Is Different.

Now back to Where We were??

We were talking about Where We would wish to go – if We could!!

Well FOR ME?? It is the Greek Islands that are my favourite relaxing place.. 

SO: If I had been going there.. 

I would most likely have heard, and seen this. 

Zorbas Dance

Yes I know it is Trouristy Thing

BUT I just love the atmosphere; 

And: When it is done well.. It really CAN BE Just sheer JOY.

I have had some Wonderful nights in some Greek Tavernas.


Put In:

Zorbas Agios (San) Stephanos Corfu July 2013 2.46

Or: I can imagine just sitting in a beach Taverna. 

Perhaps with A Greek Salad and a glass of Ouzo 

listening to Something Gentle and relaxing.  

Maybe something Like this:

Put in:

Perigali – Mikis Theodorakis 4.07

But: You Tube Can give you Magic Music; from Wherever you:  


Just wave your Magic Wand, and choose Where you wish to go in your mind.

AND You tube will  TAKE YOU THERE.

Like this: I have never been to South America.. 

Yes would love to go..

SO: Wave your Magic Wand!! You tube, Take me there:

Put in:

South American Folk Music 4.15

Nice: But some of the tunes did not sound South American to me.

Lets Try Again?

Put in:

Traditional South American Folk Music 4.26


I wonder What would have been the first Song to Open Again???.

So I asked YOU TUBE

What would be the best  Song to start with??

Could you Guess??   Well this is what Came-Up:

Put In:

Beautiful Country Folk Music! Best Love Song! Most Romantic Love Songs! Top Irish Covers 4.02

So there you are!! YOU TUBE’s choice.

I must admit I had Never heard That version.

So the End of another RAYS CHAT.  

I wonder where I will wander next time? 

                         Keep Smiling: