May 31, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 89


So Another Club Night When We just have Memories of 

The Joys of Meeting In the Club… 

Seems a long time ago that May and June were Nattering!!! 

And I wonder What that ”Tania” has been Up TO??  

Well I guess We have just got to keep Waiting.

Till Then; RAYS CHAT is here keeping US together.

Perhaps NOW is the time to Look at some of the NEW GUYS.  And there are a whole lot of New Guys on the Scene:  

And some are VERY GOOD.  YES: I think We should be exploring some of these.

Sometime Ago.. I featured this guy: and said  Wewould be hearing him again!!   Well: NOW is That time:  

Put in:

Gregory  Alan Isakov – San Luis (Official Video) 4.33

YES:  I like his voice..  I THINK We will Hear MORE of him.

And NOW: I have found a New guy: I am liking VERY MUCH

His name is Jack Savoretti.  

YES: I will be looking out for this guy.  Great voice.. 

He plays a great guitar.. not just a 3 chords guy.

Put this in:

Jack Savouretti – Home Acoustic 2.58

Well there you are.  New Guy to Me!!  

I Like him.  Certainly a guy I feel has  Great Talent and,

Who I want to hear again: YES.  Listen to this:

Put in:

Jack Savouretti Covers All Night Long at the Edinburgh Festival on Radio Two 3.26

WOW!!  I DO FEEL This guy has something Special.

I will definitely be wanting MORE of him.. OH YES

Another young guy that I am liking a lot is Calum Scott.

Great Voice:  

And I have him here singing with llse DeLange

Put in:

Calum Scott & IIse DeLange – You Are The Reason | Live bij Radio 538 (2018)

WOW:  I see WHY Simon Cowell made him His “Golden Buzzer guy” on “Britain’s Got Talent”   

A freshness to his voice.  And GREAT song.

OH YES: Lets have Another from Scott.

Put in:

Calum Scott – What I Miss Most (Lyric Video) 3,16

Yes: I will look out for him again..

So there you are: TWO Great new guys I feel sure We are going to hear a lot more about!!

And: here is an  Indie girl.  

This is different..  I wonder if  this Is a sound that you might like?  

It is Different.  

I  am not sure that I would put it on my list to play again.. 

BUT it is different!!  

And I DO  quite like it… She has a nice voice… and I found I wanted to hear it again!!  SO.. Will We want to hear it again?   Well:  See what YOU think?: 

Put in:

Lola Marsh – You’re Mine & Sirens | A Take Away Show 9.09

Well: OK!! BUT: would it be on your play it again List?

And in my Trawlin: I have come across this Guy:.. 

He doesn’t seem to have much recorded YET:  

But:  I like him a lot:

YES:  See what you think of him covering the (Birdy & Rhodes Song)

Put in:

Zek – Cover Let it all go (Birdy + Rhodes) 5.01

I Liked him.  Maybe someone to watch out for??

And:  Yes:  What about Birdy and Rhodes??  

What have they got I want to hear?  

It was RAYS CHAT 82 We had them sing 


And they Don’t seem to have issued anything else as DUO:

I liked them: and will be looking for more?? 

BUT : I have found This By “Birdy”….

Singing on her own; and I think You might like this??
Put in:

Birdy  – All You Never Say [Official  Lyric Video] 4.36

Powerful Song..  Yes: I do Like “Birdy”  and I have No doubt the song will have an BIG impact!!  I will be watching OUT for More.

And now: This is Something I think you might like; Yes it is a Group I have featured before – They are Good.

Put in:

Mandolin Orange – Hey Stranger  Liveon The Currant) 3.30

That makes me want to follow that with something Gentle.

I was thinking Electric Guitar? Maybe??  Then I remembered – 

a little while back I had this for you.. Cancion Mixteca:

OH Yes:   I think this will be the Perfect  end for this Rays Chat:

Put in:

Ry Cooder – Cancion Mixteca 4.16

Just superb gentle guitar playing by one of the Worlds Greatest Players.  This is a TOP Favourite of mine.  Superbly done.

Thanks for being with me: Keep Smiling;  

and keep hoping that We can all get Together again Soon.

I am MISSING you all.