May 24, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 88


So Still NO Club.. and looks like We won’t meet for a while yet.

Oh! How, I have missed the Great Music of the Club.

So NOW It’s just ME suggesting music that I hope you will Enjoy:

And to start us off: 

Lets have one of the Newer Boys, That I rather like.  

Yes I have played some of Georges Music before:

See How you like This one:  I like it a lot:

Put in: 

George Ezra – Pretty Smiling People 3.56

Yes: I Do like George.  He has done some Great recordings..  

OK different to traditional Folk Songs.  

But; as one of the New boys really like what he is doing.

And: Another Guy who has become VERY famous.. 

AND WHO can bring the young crowds in.. 

Fill huge Stadiums!!

But: He can also sing Gentle Songs; that I LIKE 

Put this in:

Ed Sheeran Perfect (Official Music Video) 4.39

I Like it!!  But, Of course I still want to hear the Great older singers as well!!…  And as We have just had Two Guys..

Let’s have a famous Lady:  Remember Linda Ronstadt?

I have found this recording from a while back… 

Put in: Linda Ronstadt “ I Fall To Pieces”

And: Another song Linda got famous for was BLUE BAYOU

Originally a Roy Orison Song:  But Linda did a good job on it:

Put In: 

Linda  Ronstadt – “Blue Bayou” (Official Music Video) 5.08

Yes Good song

Now: How Do You fancy some gentle instrumental stuff?  

The Petersens Maybe?  OK: 

Put in:

Carolina in the Pines – The Petersens (Live) 3.49

WOW!!  There’s a lot of TEETH Shining there: 

But they Do a nice job musically. Want Another??

Put in:  

High Sierra – The Trio (Cover by the Petersens) 4.21

Yes: Some real Nice playing..  

and that has made we want to hear some Guitar Playing… 

and I reckon this will go down nicely

Put in: Los Indios Tabajaras – Maria Elana 3.09

And; there is Someone I haven’t heard for quite a while: 

Yes: I reckon it is time we had a John Denver Song… 

BUT Which One?   

Well Here is one I DID NOT KNOW..  

So Put this in:   

Cool an’ Green an’ Shady 2.45

New to Me:  

No: I never heard THAT one before.

How Did you like that?

NOW: There is One older Song keeps coming in my head.. 

and I’ve not heard it for OH So Long: OH!! YES Let’s hear it:

Put in:

Arlo Guthrie – City Of New Orleans 4.33

Great Song.  Yes GREAT to hear that again. That’s from 1972

That makes me want to hear some of the Oldies.  

And I have found this for you..  

Merle Haggard near the end of His career…  

But Boy CAN He still Perform

Put in: 

A place to fall apart – Merle Haggard & Janie Fricke


Yes: that just is So superbly done

And YES I KNOW.. You Want another from the Old Master. 

OK: Put in:

Merle Haggard Are the good times really over 

for good 4.05

Thanks for the Great days Merle..(He died in 2016)

And Another song from that period that keeps coming 

To my mind  

Put in

Nanci Griffith – 

Speed Of The Sound of loneliness 4.49

Yes Great Song

And Where Do We Go From Here??  

Well One of the new Boys is making a Big Name for Himself

And I have to confess I DO rather like him.

See what YOU think??  Put in:

Lewis Capaldi – Hold Me While You Wait (live) | Vevo LIFT 3.38

I have to admit I DO like it

But How different things are now from the earlier days..  

In earlier days ..  

YOU made a Record and if it SOLD YOU became Famous.. 

and then  maybe would have  a concert…

But:  it was the record that made you famous!!

Now it is the numbers at your concerts!!!  That make you famous.

Now: time for a final choice.  

And I think that We should let Merle Haggard finish it for us.  YES..

So Put in:

Merle Haggard – Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine 3.36

Thanks for being with me: and I will keep reminding you of the ‘good OLD daysSummer  will soon be here.  Try and enjoy it. 

Keep Smiling; and listening to Great Music.