June 8, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 90. Same age as Ray himself!

Hi Folks:

It‘s RAYS CHAT Ninety.

SO: Here we are with RAYS CHAT NINETY:

I AM SURE YOU MUST HAVE BEEN missing THE Club As much as I am… And: I hope that you have been enjoying all the various Artists I have been bringing to you via RAYS CHATS!!

We are in the Wonderful position of being able to enjoy the VERY BEST of Fantastic Years of RECORDINGYOU TUBE is just A Magic Box of Wonder..

Remember it was only in 1930’s shellac records became  available.

In: RAYS CHAT 89:  Do you Remember I was Very taken with a young guy called JACKSAVOURETTI.   

Well I have found him covering a Woody Nelson Song.

Just see what YOU think of this:

Put in:

Jack Savouretti Always on my mind 3.47

This Guy is SO good.  

He can write His own stuff.. and it is Great,  

and then can Do this!!    I Like him a lot.

Lets have him cover another famous song:

Put in:

Jack Savoretti – Nobody Cept’ You (Bob Dylan) Cover – Cosmopolitan Quartet Sessions Ont Sofa 3.55

If you thought THAT was Good

Now Hear him sing THIS:

Jack Savoretti – Vevo dscvr Italia (Live)4.25



What Do you Think?    

I THINK we are definitely going to hear a lot more of Jack Savoretti

He has much more: if YOU want to Explore him.  

Some Great stuff that I really liked – Well worth searching

I think We need something Orchestral after that!

Put In:

Diamonds and Rust – Blackmore’s Night 4.54

They are almost Medieval sounding.. Great..

Yes I want another:

Put in:

Greensleeves 3.47

Now: Follow that?? 

Well Yes: I Do know a Lady Who can fit in with a Medieval Song:

Put In:

The Lady of Shallot by Loreena McKennit with Lyrics 11.34


Where Do We Go from Here:??

Well there was another Young Guy that I thought was GREAT

Remember Mo Pitney?

I have found him singing a Song about SUPERMARKETS,

Bit of a strange subject!!  But Here you Go


Mix Mo Pitney Clean-Up on Aisle Five 3.46

Yes: I like His Gentle style:  and YES: Let’s have another from him

Put in:

Mo Pitney – “Borrowed Angel” 5.47

Now I think it is time for a Lady to have a go

And; this Lady is New to Me: See What YOU think ??

Put in:

Heidi Hauge – “Crying Time” 2.38

Thanks Heidi.. Yes I think We will have anotherfrom You.

Put In:

Seven Spanish Angels –  Heidi Hauge 3.43

And from Spanish Angels Let’s go To SPANISH EYES​

Put In:


Now that was some real nice Guitar Playing.  

Let’s keep this mood.

Put in:

Mark Knopfler & EmmyLou Harris – Our Shangri-La (Real live Roadrunning) 8.59

Well!!  We need something gentle after that: 

And I found a Lady who knows how to sing a Gentle Song.  

She is new to me:  See what YOU think of her:

Put in:


Well:  She sure has got Style.  Wouldn’t call her Folk though!!

And Now I want an Old Gentle Song.. 

and this comes to my mind

Put in:

Wild Mountain Thyme – Sarah Calderwood 3.58

GREAT!! I don’t think that you are going to find a much better version than that.  Let’s stay Scottish:

Put in: 

I Love a Lassie – Andy Stewart 3.40

Now: OK:  I agree  You can’t call that FOLK Music!!

BUT It’s Nice to Have a LAUGH!! Memories of Radio days

I want something Real Good to follow that:??

And I think I know a Lady who will fill that spot nicely:

Put in:

Alison Krauss & Union Station –The Lucky One 3.07

Thanks Alison You can sing to me any time!!

Nice to be with you: 

and Thank Goodness We have MUSIC to help keep Us Sane                                      

Till Next time. Keep Listening to the Music               Ray