May 15, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 87


So We still cannot meet for our Folk Club:  And I for one, are missing it like Crazy:

Had you noticed how the Music habeenchanging in Our Folk Club since We moved from the Red Lion?.  

We were getting: Much more variety:

We had New People: Some bringing back the GREAT older Songs.   And: and: We have beengetting Jazz, Country, Folk. Whatever!! And some Great Guitar Playing.. Something OLD:Something NEW!!   And It was GREAT

So: I will try to ensure RAYS CHAT will be having MORE of that Variety. 

And, So Let’s START:   Here’s Your First New boy:

Put In:

Time Will Tell by Gregory Alan Isakov324

Did you like that?   

Indie Music is really getting real BIG.  I am sure We will be hearing More.

AND: These next Two guys have really made an impression on Me.. Yes I like them.  

They have made quite a few recordings from places all over the World.. Yes I like this: See what YOU think?

Put this in:

Mandolin Rain Music Travel Love (The Kok River, Chiang Rai Thailand)(Bruce Hornby Cover) 3.06

Great Sound: feel sure I will be featuring them again.

In Rays Chat 84 I featured this: (One of the New Guys)

I Really Liked it,  and I thought it time to give it another hearing;  

Put in:

Calum Scott & Ilse De Lange – You Are the Reason (2018) 3.25

I like him.

And Now I have found a Group covering an old Neil Young song

(Neil Young Really Was One of the GREATS)..

I think you might like this.. Something nice and Gentle:

Put in:

Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover) 5.19

That was good..  hope you liked it.

And my Memory was jogged When a Famous name was mentioned.. A Lady with a truly Great voice.. One I knew.. Super Singer:  BUT have not featured Her for a Long time.  OH!! So Remiss of Me!!.


If you don’t know Alison You are in for a treat.  

She has Won MORE Awards than Any other Singer. 

Put In:

Alison Krauss Losing You (LIVE VERSION) 2.54

Just beautifully sung!!

It is Alison’s: Her OWN GROUP  ~In which, 

She plays Fiddle

YES; Yes lets hear another from Alison..  

Put in: 

Alison Krauss and Union Station – Every Time You Say Goodbye 3.16

And YES She does play that fiddle.. watch near the end.   I LIKE IT.

OH  I will certainly have to  put More of Alison in Future RAYS  Chats.  And I have a GREAT song of hers to finish with..  

And Now: When I look out the window.. I think this next one is the right choice?!!  YES it’s raining.   

Put in:

Willie Nelson & Family featuring Paula Nelson: Have you Ever Seen the Rain (Live) 5.46

Well what do you think about THAT!!  (All Family)

WILLY;  has raised HIS OWN FOLK group!!

Yes All own His Family.


And now a new find for me.  

One of the New boys who the People who know think is going to be big..  


So I am happy to have Him in RAYS CHAT

See What You think:?

Put In:

Josh O’Keefe, “Son Of The Working Class” GemsonVHS 3.39

OH !! This So reminded of Early days of Folk.. 

When !!  This WAS the sort of song guys sang.

Songs of Just Every day sort of life:

the sort of song you sang just maybe with your 

Mates. And:  Never meant to be a Million Selling Record.  Just FUN.

HEY: I want to hear another from this guy:

Put In:

Josh O’Keefe – Cigarettes (Matt’s Shed) 2.28

OHH!!  That is GREAT..

I really Did Laugh!!   I Really like this Guy.  HE IS GOOD. 

And I have found him singing a song I remember being a “Naughty Song  From very Early School days!!.

Put in:

Josh O’Keefe ”I’ll Tell me Ma” //Gems on VHS”

Josh is a New Find for me: I loved him ..

I reckon You would have a Great night with this guy Live.

BUT: How the Heck can I follow THAT!!

Well Tell You What!!  I will let Alison sing the final song 

Put in:

Alison Krauss – River in the Rain (LIVE VERSION).  4.18

Oh this is SO good.. Alison at Her Best.

And there you are.. Somehow or other Another RAYS CHAT has meandered through 3 pages.   Maybe you might have heard a Song You Never heard before!!  And perhaps LAUGHED.  

Well that’s GREAT.. and I do So Hope We can all Laugh Together Again Soon.