May 6, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 86

Hi Folks:

Hi Folks.
So: Another Month, and We still can’t Meet for Our Folk Club:
I am missing You all: and the Wonderful Music of the Club.
And So my mind takes me back to Early Days of my interest in Folk Music Folk.
It was in the early 60’s When Folk Clubs really started to be part of my life. a Group of US formed our own Skiffle Group…
NO: We Were not VERY Good.. But it was FUN.

And then FOLK had really started to take off; As spin offs from Skiffle. Some Skiffle Groups were just moving to FOLK.
And: The Ian Campell Folk Group was one of the First to change.. They had been a Skiffle Group and changed to Folk.

There were some Folk Groups starting locally.
Malcolm Stent had a Group that played at a pub in Hall Green.
Jasper Carrot ran THE BOGGERY in Solihull.
And there was a Club in Solihull CALLED The B Flat Folk Club.
I was a member of all three of them.
But Ian Campbell’s JUG OF PUNCH was by far the largest and the best Club.
I joined the Jug of Punch in 1962. When it had been going a couple of years; and had got to be quite Well known.

One of the songs you might well have heard at THE JUG OF PUNCH then: could have been this:
Put in:
The Ian Campbell Folk Group – To Hear The Nightingale sing 2.43
And then if you were really lucky, Ian’s Sister Lorna, might sing this song:
Put in:
Highland Widows’s Lament sung by Lorna Campbell 3.27
Oh What a wonderful song that is. Lorna was at Her very best.
IT is still THE BEST recording of that song.
It is on a EP: And one the Other side is Ian’s recording of
That is just the very best Recording of THAT SONG; Ian sings it with such feeling. AND IT IS A TRUE HISTORICAL SONG. Really Did Happen.
Put in:
The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Earl of Moray
And at that time Davy Swarbrick was part of the Group.. and his Fiddle playing was absolutely MAGIC just listen to his fiddle playing in this recording.

OH THE TIMES I REQUESTED IAN TO SING THIS!!!!!!!!!! Just a Fabulous Recording: I think this really is Ian at his finest. And I still treasure that record.

And the American PROTEST MOVEMENT. Had started to really “Take Off”. So maybe you might hear Pete Seegers Song
“Where have all the Flowers Gone”. Or Maybe
“The Universal Soldier”. (that got banned in USA)

And: The Folk group Peter, Paul and Mary were getting to be well known. So You might hear this:
Put in:
500 miles – Peter, Paul and Mary [Original Audio] 2.51
That song written by Hedy West really became one of the Great Folk Songs.

The American Folk Group THE KINGSTON TRIO really started getting BIG And one of their Early songs was:
Put in:
The Kingston Trio : Sloop John B 3.31

That might be followed by: An English Singer: Who was getting Well Known:
Jon Raven – The Oxford & Hampton Railway 3.51

Then in 1962 Bob Dillon wrote Blowin in the Wind. WOW!! That really took-off.
Put In:
Blowin’ in the Wind – Bob Dylan-Lyrics 2.38

And THEN a young American guy called TOM PAXTON Had a new record.. Oh!! A REALLY GREAT Record:
Which had on
And RAMBLING Boy.. And those Two Songs have both been My Very Special Songs ever since I first heard them.
One of the GREAT THING ABOUT “The Jug” was that Lora; was a superb singer: She was Opera trained. Well: Just listen to this.
Song Which Ian wrote for Lorna. Wonderful Song‘!! Which I have never heard anyone else sing..
I think this shows Ian’s Song writing; at his best: wonderful song.
And OH a real BONUS..
it has the superb fiddle playing of Dave Swarbrick. WOW!!
Oh Just listen to Lorna singing this.
Put in:
Lorna Campbell – it’s Over Now 4.43
Just WONDERFUL. That recording I think deserves Much more recognition.. Superbly Sung; Wonderful Playing. and Just a MARVELLOUS SONG written by Ian.

So: Many people never knew that Ian wrote very many GREAT songs. He wrote a series of songs about OLD BIRMINGHAM:
And He did a Series a series of songs about Canals and Canal life for the BBC. Just listen to this:
Put in: Ian Campbell Folk Group – Hard Life the Cut
Superbly sung by Lorna Campbell.

“THE JUG” was just a Wonderful Club. And I was lucky to be a member for most of the Clubs life.
And so I saw and heard many of the Singers of that period.
Some Who made it to the TOP. Like Donovan. Who was just 19..and still sings. And Paul Simon, was 19 when I first saw him. YES: He Became: One of the Worlds GREATEST when he met Art Garfunkel.

And now to end this RAYS CHAT I will give you what I think is one of the finest Folk Songs I know.
It is Sung by a Folk Group I have always thought GREAT. BUT I never got to see them Live.
And This is one of the Greatest Folk Songs ever written
Just listen to this;
Put In:
Till Next time: Enjoy Life.