April 28, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 85

It’s RAYS CHAT Eighty Five.

Hi Folks.. Oh it is So long Since we could Chat to each other in the FOLK CLUB: But they say, We are getting there?? It’s just When? Reckon it’s going to be a while yet.

Well let’s have some Happy sort of songs to remind Us of Happier days: Let’s have some some Country Songs?
AND I have chosen a real famous guy to start us off:
Put in:
Merle Haggard – Going Where The Lonely Go 4.51
This is One of Merle’s Very Best recordings.. and No One sings it better.. Great Song.
Lets see what I can find to follow that??

Oh!! It’s a long time since I heard this song..
This is: A Really Great song. That just about everybody has sung it… including My choice of singer: Rosanne Cash.. (YES JOHNNY CASH’s Daughter) BUT: I have never heard it sung: real SLOW ; as Rosanne does it.. and I think it really gives the song a deeper feel: Yes I like this version:
Put in:
Rosanne Cash: 500 Miles 3.39
And NOW another song by Rosanne: AND Again She takes it realo slow: I have never heard this sung so Slow. WOW!! This is different.. See how you like this??
Put in:
Transatlantic Sessions 4 (2009) Motherless Children(Rosanne Cash) 3.59

??? Well I said it was different
Ok Let’s go back to Folk as you and I Know it… And Here is Don Williams for you; just nice and relaxed
Put In:.
Don Williams – I believe in You 4.09
Oh Nice singing;
And this next song Don also sings really Superbly.

But: I have found this new version by New Boy Mo Pitney.
Oh ~This is different.. Very Different
AND OH SO much slower!!. Than the way it is usually played:
I have NEVER heard it played and sung like this –
AND I like it done this way.. see what you think?
Put in:
Mo Pitney – I’m Just a Country Boy (Official Acoustic Video) (Don Williams Cover) 3.16

WOW!! Mo: That Really makes that into a different song.
Yes I like it. This boy is good. I want to hear more of him:
OH Yes: Listen to him play the next song.
Put in:
Mo Pitney – Farmer’s Daughter (Official Acoustic Version)(Merle Haggard Cover) 3.18

OK: We have been talking earlier about Merle Haggard:
So I reckon that is Who We should have Next;
Put in
Merle Haggard – Always Wanting You 3.06

And I guess you’ll be saying Where are the Girls??..
OK Lets see Who We can have next?? And I have found this version of one of my favourites: Yes lets Have:
Someday Soon – Suzy Boggus (with Lyrics) 3.51
Great Song: Thanks Suzy

And NOW for a song I have Talked about – a While back:
But This is a new version to me..
AND it is a Good version: That has a really Good backing Group.. YES. I like this.
Put In:
John Prine – “Speed of Lonliness” (Live) 3.33
Do You agree: That is a Great version?

And Now see how you like this
It is a while since we heard from: EmmyLou Harris:
Put this in: :
Ballad of a Runaway Horse (EmmyLou Harris) 5.36

AND: I found EmmyLou singing with Willie Nelson:
And I thought You might like to hear them?
Put In:
Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris – Till I gain control again 4.43
OH Yes the Old guy can still Pull some Magic out the Air.
Just think of all the hours He must have been singing..
And: How many People He has made Happy. Thanks Willie.

And: Now Someone I have never featured in Rays Chats before.
A Very exotic singer.. Oh Yes He is Different: Just listen to this:
Put in:
Jose Feliciana- Mas Save El Diablo Por Viejo Que Diablo 3.34

WOW !! How Do you follow that? I guess it has Got to be something gentle: Well try this:
Put In
Alan Jackson – That’s all I need to know 3.47
How did that go for you?

And now having wandered our way through three pages of some of the Greatest Folk songs;
Let’s hear Rosanne Cash again singing one of the Early Folk Songs. She learnt this from the Carter Family Oh a Long time ago Put In:
Rosanne Cash Wildwood Flower 3.45

Well we started with the Great Merle Haggard; And; I think this nice Gentle Song from him, Is a good way to end this Rays Chat :
So Put this in:
More Than My Old Guitar 3.28

Well there you have had some real Great Songs.
Bit of Digging in the Old Song Chest..
AND. Watch out for New Boy MO PITNEY. I reckon We will Hear More of Him!!.
Nice being with you, I hope you enjoyed My Choices.
Till Next time: Enjoy Life. And May Peace be with You