April 19, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 84

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Eighty Four.

SO EASTER has gone: And We are Still in LOCK DOWN..
AND: In these sad difficult times: We All need some comfort.
I hope my Music choice will give you a little pleasure.
And here is one of the newer singers:
Put In:
Amos Lee – Arms of A Woman (Official Video)4.13

Nice Gentle Song. And let’s stay in gentle Mood; and this is an Older Song: But Newer Singers.. see what YOU think?
Put in
Mandolin Orange – Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan) Cover – Audiotree Live 6.48

And another young singer that is New to me.. I quite like; and I think you might like is Culum Scott. He was a Britain’s got Talent find. Nice Voice: I like this:
Put in:
Calum Scott You Are – The Reason 3.24
Yes: There is Something there that Makes Me think
I want to hear him again: YES HE IS GOOD
Put in
Calum Scott – Dancing On My Own 3.41
Yes: I think We will be hearing More of this guy ​

And sticking with the New guys: I have found this Duo, I think you will enjoy. And over 44 million have listened to this (BUT Not surprising when you see WHO the Singer is and WHO wrote it)
Put In:
Ed Sheeran / James Blunt “Sacrifice” (Elton John) 3.44
Well I have to say I thought that was Really Rather Good.

But: I hear someone say.. It was an Elton John song That’s Not Folk…. Well as I said: it’s getting harder to draw a line between what IS and What Isn’t Folk. So it’s IN RAYS CHAT.

And: now we have a nice Gentle Song. By Someone I Did Not know!! Yes New to Me See How you like this?
Put in:
Dan Fogelburg – Believe in Me 4.37
Nice Gentle start: And I think Maybe We should have another from Dan:
Put in:
Dan Folgelburg – Rhythm of the Rain 4.26
OK.. Yes Again!! Maybe Not really Folk?.

So Is this Folk?
Put in:
Kris Kristofferson & Lorrie Morgan – For the Good
Times 3.51

So: Where are the FOLK SONGS???
Well; Let’s Put the Clock back; to the 60’s
and let’s hear a famous Lady who wrote and sang, Great Songs:
Sadly; Not able to sing any longer.
Put in:
Joni Mitchell Both sides now Momma Cass Show 1969 4.18 ;

Yes: The night Joni came to THE JUG OF PUNCH FOLK CLUB in the 60’s. Was one to remember..
Oh of Lots of people could not get in: Queues down the street.
Oh: Let’s Hear Joni’s Most Famous Song.
Put in:
Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game 4.57
Yes: Joni was GREAT. Brilliant Song

Now: Let Us have another famous Lady
This Lady is One of my very favourites of all time. (Unfortunately Long Gone).. But Her lovely voice is still here.
Put in:
Whispering Grass by Sandy Denny 3.57
That glorious voice just bringing words to life.
OH! Let’s hear Her again. Just listen to how simply She sings the words. MAGIC!! One of the Best voices I ever heard.
Put in:
Sandy Denny NO END 6.46
After THAT magic: We need another Gentle Song:
AND This, Older guy that can still bring Magic to his singing…
Put in
Crazy – Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow 3.05
Great Song and Great Singers:

And NOW where Do We Go? We have had a real roll around,
We have been with SOME OF the New guys, and THEN back to Oldies Where to Next? Let’s Have: some COUNTRY:
And Yes let’s have some nifty banjo:
Put in:
Lester Flatt and The Nashville Grass with a young Marty Stuart 7.25
WOW!! I bet they had sore fingers… and What can I follow that with.. Well try this Oldie: Oh YES: Remember this??

Put in:
Oh Memories!! another of Marty Robbins Great Songs was this:
Put in:
Marty Robbins – Street of Laredo 2.51

Oh Yes Memories. And this is a real Oldie, I Remember this one from Patsy Cline.
Put In:
Patsy Cline – I fall To Pieces 2.51
Oh Yes : You would have heard that for certain in those Oldie days; It was a number one hit..
I guess you are too young to remember those GREAT DAYS.

And: A Special BONUS: Geof (Folk Club Geof) Put Me onto
HAYLES CARLL.. New Guy to me..
YES Have a listen
Thanks Geof.

Till next time. You got to Keep Smiling and Listen to the Music: and Keep Hoping for Happier Days.