April 6, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 83

Hi Folks

It‘s RAYS CHAT Eighty Three.

Lock down is making life SO different &Difficult for all of us.

I just hope  my Music selections can bring a little comfort  to you.

And remind you of Happier days.

And: Right now I am going to feature one of the Newer Guys: 

I mentioned him in RAYS CHAT EIGHTY ONE.

His Name Is GEORGE EZRA.. Remember Him?.

And this song I am going to feature, also has a Very Famous 

Older Shakespearian actor on it.. 

and I think He Steals the SHOW?

Put In:

George Ezra – Listen to the Man (Official Music


Did you like that?  And Did You Know The Actor?  

It was Sir Ian McKellen

OK: Now, let’s give George a chance to sing on his own.

Put in:

George Ezra  Angry Hill 4.07

This guy grows on me.. Yes I like his voice.

And; staying with the Young: I have found three Ladies calling themselves The Staves Who I quite like:  

So: Put this in:

The Staves – In The Long Run 3.44

Yes I would be Happy to hear them again.

OK: Here’s more: Put in:

The Staves – Mexico 4.00

Some nice Harmonies  and Sun. Let’s keep the mood

And: NOW Let’s have a one of those Great Guitar Music breaks:

Yes: Here are some Great sunny sounds:

Put in:

Ricky King–California Blue 4.00

But it is time we had some Folk: and here is The Greatest Irish Band with a Lovely Singer.

Put in: 

I wish I had someone to love me | Imelda May & The Dubliners | TG4 5.23

Now There’s some nice Singing, and there is some nice banjo work there​:  

And that has made me think of one of the Greatest Banjo Playing Guys.

He belonged to my very favourrite Group.. and then they retired,.. 

And He started Another career at 70.. 

Yes it’s Finbar Fury.. and  he is singing with Imelda May.

Put in:

Imelda May and Finbar Fury  When You Were Sweet Sixteen 4.39

And Here is another Lady singing for you:

Put in:

Lana Del Rey-Summer Wine(LYRICS) 4.35

Did you like that?

I think We will stay with a Lady:  And I have a gorgeous 

Irish singer for you.  Oh Yes Dolores Keane has a lovely voice

Just listen to this lovely Old song; This really is a Great Song

Oh ~Those Irish pipes are just so gentle!! listen towards the end.

Put in:

Dolores Keane – The Wind that Shakes 

the Barley 4.30

Wow that’s Folk singing at it’s best, and a superb Song.

Oh The Irish can weave Magic.. Do You want another?

Ok Put this in:

Sean Keane Home 4.46

Well there’s some Irish Magic for you.

So: Where can we go now??  

No Club: And I’m sure We are all missing the Club:  

and singing together;  My Next choice will remind you of Happier 

Days: and just watch those kids faces

Put this in: 

Little Bit of Love – Jack Johnson, John Cruz &

Friends. 4.29

BE HAPPY… Join In?  yes yes   We need Cheering-Up

MORE HAPPY SONGS!!  Oh yes!! There is one song comes to 

My Mind:: OH  YES Let’s listen to one of the Greatest maker of

Happy Sounds.

Put in:

Bob Marley – One Love 2.45

KEEP THAT: Happy Mood..    Let’s have something Musical:  

Here’s some Great Country Banjo  playing; New Guys to me.

Put in:

Bela Fleck – Felani 4.40

I hope your feet were tapping and that you are in Happy Mood; 

As We are coming towards the  end of this Chat.. 

and I have something VERY Special for THE END….

So What Have I  planned?

YES: We have got down to our last song for this RAYS CHAT.

And!   I have found the most UNUSUAL Duet to end with. 

Just look at this video and see just HOW Many performers there 

Are on the stage..

Really this is an incredible mix: 

OK it is not Folk..

But what a Great song And TWO Guys No Longer with Us.

I think you will remember this.



WOW!! WELL, Just WOW!!

So: Till Next time:

We must Keep Hoping for better times.

And make sure you look at the CLUB web page for Updates.