March 29, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 82

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Eighty Two.
Hi Folks:
SO: We are in LOCK DOWN..​ The Folk Club closed until
We Don’t know When??
But I am still here with you for RAYS CHAT.
YES SAD DAYS; Let’s hope We can be together again soon:
SO Rainy Days: But Hope the SUN will soon shine for us again!

Yes: Sun and Rain will be our theme for this RAYS CHAT.
And: Memories of a Rain Song from long ago:
Do You Remember these guys? They first
recorded this in 1962. And it was a Great Hit.
Put In:
The Everley Brothers – Crying in the Rain 2.02
So there you are A Rain Song.

NOW: Time We had Some SUN: Then I found this!!
Put In:
You Are My Sunshine(Cover)Music Travel Love
(White Island,Camiquin Philppines) 3.38

Travel Love is a new Group for me.. Did You Like them?
I liked them: Let’s hear MORE of them: YES:
Put in:
More Than Words (Extreme Cover) Music Travel
Love(Official Video) 4.11
Well !! Different. YES: I would listen to more

And here is another of the newer guys: That I quite like.
Put in:
Xavier Rudd – Follow The Sun [Official
music video] 4.19​
He has a lot of stuff out there if you want to hear more of him?​
And then just trawling for Sun Songs. I found this Group,
I had never heard before.. & Quite Liked them.
So: see what you think?
Put in:
Sons of the East – Into The Sun (Official Video)
Yes Nice Sound..
So: Now for a Rain Song?? And I found this by “The Old Guy”
Put in:
Have You Ever Seen The Rain” – Willie Nelson
featuring Paula Nelson 4.50
Never heard that before.. Oh what a lovely gentle song..

And: NOW I have found AN ENGLISH Country Folk Song
that is different: see how you like THIS?​:
Put In:
Somerset’s a Land of Sun – Henry Buckton
(A Somerset Song) 4.03
WOW! I could almost smell the Cow Muck.

And I think it is now time for a change: Let’s forget The Oldies
And Look at some of the Newer guys for a while:
And I have found you a nice gentle Duo,
That I think YOU might like. It is by a young couple called:
They write their own songs and We have quite a few songs
To choose from. I chose this:
Put In:
Wherever You Are 3.41
If you like them..
They have more songs for you. Search them!!

And now: This is NEW TO ME:
I have found a young piano playing Duo that I rather like..
See if they hit the high spot with you: as well as me??
Put in:
Rhodes & Birdy – Let it All Go Mahogony Session
Yes I Liked Them.
When they sing together their voices blend so well.

THEN I found that RHODES.. (and YES That is His Name)
Usually sings Solo.. and has many recordings.
And, I found that Rhodes is quite a well known guy..
He has quite a number of songs you can choose from:
AND I HAVE Chosen Another of His songs For You:
This I really like .
Put in: ​
Rhodes Close Your Eyes Acoustic (Small Sessions)
Yes: Nice find for me.. What Did YOU think?
He has lots out there.. and Has been singing quite a while.
Yes well worth exploring. And I really like this:
Put this in:
Rhodes “Breathe” @ SU2C.UK.2014) 3.44
WHAT can I follow THAT With???????????

Well: We MUST have something Gentle and relaxing after that:
And Perhaps You have had a tough day; in these difficult days??:
Its’ relax time: Go: Sit in your favourite Chair;
Pour a glass of Wine; Or Maybe a Gin and Tonic!!
And let My Next Music choice melt away all those Worldly cares:
Listen to PROBABLY THE Best Rain Song Ever
Put In:
Difficult to follow that!!
But try this:
Dewdrops – Various Artists
(Album Romancing The Rain) 8.31

Oh YES: I liked that. And now: Just let the Music take over;
I have chosen A Great combination of singing and sound
Yes I like this Gentle Music and as my last choice
Put in:
One Love ! Playing For Change ! Song Around
The World 5.07

I hope that My Music choices have given you some Peace in these
difficult times and hope that you have enjoyed this selection of
Songs I chose for you.
AND: Whilst the Club remains Closed I will hope that I can
Continue to bring you Gentle Music to listen to:
and hopefully bring some Peace to your life
Till We can meet again..