December 23, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 76. Happy Christmas!

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy Six.

So: This is the last RAYS CHAT of 2019. And last night was the Last Club until 3rd January 2020.. AND WHAT A FANTASTIC LAST NIGHT of 2019.
The guests were THE LOST NOTES. And they were SUPERB. THANKS GUYS.
It has been a BIG Year of change for Shirley Folk Club. Moving to our New Home was something we had not planned..
But it has meant We can have More Club Members AND; it has been A GREAT YEAR with some talented New members.
I am sure 2020 is going to be an even better year.
Look out for some Super Floor Singers.

So Here We are: With Christmas and the New Year almost here; With all the hassle that brings. I will bring you some gentle songs to relax to. And Here is one: Just relax and enjoy Alison Krauss singing with just a cello. This is good.
Put in:
Yes Listen to Alison Singing To wonderful playing of Yo Yo Mar.

And somehow at Christmas; It is the Old songs that We Remember. Well; This song is certainly Old: Yes from Medieval days. I don’t think you will ever hear it sung better.
Listen to the superb voice of Loreena McKennit
Put in:
Loreena McKennit –Greensleeves 4.2
And what a wonderful accompaniment

SO: How do you follow that?? Well try this:
Put In:
Little Drummer Boy NTNU 4.45
This is a truly very Special presentation from the Students of University in Norway. AND:You just got to watch this video:
These guys are SO Good.
That was just a Great version of that song.

And looking for the more gentle songs:
Put in:
Celtic Woman – A New Journey – You Raise Me Up. 4.29

Maybe after a Traditional Christmas Lunch; sitting in your “Favourite Chair” with perhaps a glass of Old Port;
Then maybe Something like this is good to hear!!
Put in:
Friar Alessandro – Adeste Fidelas 4,24
Just So simply sung: Oh Yes This is the Spirit of Christmas.
Would You like Another One?
Put in:
Friar Alessandro – Panis Angelicus 3.16
If you like His simple singing there are more of him for you to search for. Just Look in YOU TUBE.

And maybe after a second glass of that Old PORT: You might dream a little; listening to this gentle song: I don’t think it is anything to do with Christmas.. But I liked the gentle sounds
Put in:
Elani – Piet Veerman & Tol & Tol 3.56
Yes a nice Happy Sound to relax to:

But there is one Lady I have not mentioned that I would like to hear at Christmas: The gentle voice of Katie is perfect for me
Put in:
Katie Meluha – Just Like Heaven 3.27
Thankyou Katie, and YES;. I’ll have another glass of that Old Port.

But maybe you are Dreaming of those Happy days of Summer
In The Sun: And Lazy days maybe in your Garden with Music playing on YOU TUBE; and this came on:
Put in:
Yes: Happy memories of Summer Days.
But just memories: It’s Christmas time: And Maybe a Christmas Song is called for Now. AND I have found a really great Carol: By a Lady that is New to Me.
Put in:
Silvie Paladino – O Holy Night – Carols
By Candelight 2012 4.43

And somehow One song always seems to come-up Christmas time.. No I wasn’t going to say WHITE CHRISTMAS..
HEY?? BUT WHY NOT?: Yes Let’s hear Dear Bing Sing it.
Put in:
Bing Crosby – White Christmas (1942) Original Version 3.00
There’s History For You.

But the song I was REALLY Thinking about was Hallelujah..
Oh But Which recording?? So many to choose from?
But I think this version by PENTOMIX will take a lot of beating.
Put in:
[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hallelujah Pentomix] 3.18

But if you want a New version I had never Heard before try this
Put in:
Bon Jovi – Hallelujah 6.0

AND; I have found one of the New guys has sung it.
See how you liked Ed Sheeran’s version?
Put in:
Hallelujah (Cover by Ed Sheeran) 4.31
Nice Gentle singing. I do rather like it

So: We have wandered here and there: And now to end this year:
There is One Song from a long time past; That has been a Great favourite of mine since I first heard it. Oh so many years ago.
A Superb song: sung by the guy that wrote it.
Put in.
I Can’t Help But Wonder where I’m Bound 3.42
Thank you for being with Me. I Wish You a Happy Christmas.
And I hope 2020 will bring you Happiness.