May 19, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 43

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Forty Three

In the last Three RAYS CHATS I have chatted about Famous Women Folk Singers: and there is another of that same period that I really ought to talk about. ..
OH you might well be saying:
Oh Come on it’s time for the MEN..
But I promise you … MEN next time.

Because JUDY COLLINS really DOES deserve to be mentioned.
She is an American Singer, of the same period as the other ladies we have chatted about. Ok She sings songs, other than Folk;
But many of her songs you will know well

She was born in 1939, which makes her 79 in 2018.
Her first record was made in 1961, at the age of 22;
And that was called MAID OF CONSTANT SORROW.
Which is In fact an English Folk Song.
Put in:
Judy Collins – A Maid Of Constant Sorrow 2.37

But: it was the release of her Album
“WILD FLOWERs” IN 1967. THAT REALLY made her name well known. Because on it was: A really Great Song by The Canadian singer/writer JONI MITCHELL. “Both Sides Now”.

The Album did well and got Judy noticed.
Put in: BOTH SIDES NOW from “Wildflowers” 3.15

Then She recorded the Ian Tyson song SOMEDAY SOON which became one of her top recordings. Put in:
Some day – Judy Collins 3.43

AND: Many years later (2008) She sang it, with the guy who wrote it: Ian and Sylvia (his wife & Singing Partner)
To see this video and hear the song
Put in:
JUDY COLLINS WITH Ian & Sylvia – Some Day Soon 18.8 3.55
This is a superb song and was sung by anybody who was anybody in those Great Folk days.

Judy was one of the Original Protest Singer Crowd;
So; She knew Pete Seeger.
And we have her here singing one of Pete Seeger’s really GREAT Songs. And She sings it with Great sincerity.
I think one of her finest early recording.
Listen to her pure voice singing. Put in:

Judy Collins – Turn Turn Turn (1966) MP4 4.36
Wonderful Song!! She was just 27 When she sang this.
I think this really does Show WHY Judy deserves to be known as One of the GREATS

Another of the “GREATS” that She knew as a friend was Leonard Cohen. And so: Yes: We have to have her singing one of his songs:
In fact one of his lesser known songs: and I have found this recording of Judy Singing with Leonard Cohen himself:
Put in:
JUDY COLLINS & LEONARD COHEN . “Hey. Thats No Way To Say Goodbye“ 1976

Another of Leonard Cohens Songs that is very much more well known is “Susanne”.
And: I have found this very special rare, lovely Gentle recording of Judy accompanying herself on the piano..
Put In:
Judy Collins “Susanne” live on Sound Check 5.20
A very accomplished pianist: Yes that was good:
WOW!! Oh that is such a lovely simple performance.
I really like that.
Yes Thankyou “YouTube”. That really is a special find.
It gets so hard to decide WHICH songs to choose:
As; Judy recorded more than 500 songs.
So there is really a heck of a big Choice.

Judy sang across the board:
I have found this old recording of her singing a song that was very popular in the 50’s.
Put in.
Judy Collins- “Ghost Riders in the Sky” 2010 3.58
OK. Not a Folk Song; but it just shows HOW versatile Judy is

And; so we come to what must be The Last Songs from Judy.
So Difficult to choose: Really So difficult?
There are so Many I want to hear.

But: I MUST have this one; Not only is Judy Superb; But it is a Wonderful song and also has the Harlem Boys Choir:
Put in:
JUDY COLLINS “Amazing Grace” with Boys Choir of Harlem 1993. 5.08

So we are nearing he end of another Rays Choice.;
BUT~ I reckon there is only one to finish with:
When She sang that Great Song from “A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC”
Put in:
Judy Collins – Send in the Clowns 4.21
Oh YES: What s superb song to end this Rays Chat.
I hope tHh you have enjoyed this lovely Lady; Who has brought so much Joy to us. THANK YOU JUDY.

And there are lots more songs of hers out there for your enjoyment GO Search You Tube.

Ok Here we are
At the end of another
Rays Chat
Till next time.
​​ RAY