December 19, 2017 By Diane Kemp

Last of the year: Ray’s chat 35

Hi Folks

So What will we talk about for this edition of RAYS CHAT?
I think, a time to look back over the Years of Rays Chats and
play again some of our BEST finds of 2017:

I told you how I had been at THE JUG, on in the 60’s, the night a
very young TOM RUSH ‘bottled’ his guitar; a technique I had
Never Seen or heard of before.
WELL: I have found a young guy showing you how it’s done:
Put in How to Play with a Bottleneck Slide Country
Guitar 4.56. But it is Tom Rush I want to hear again.
I found this young Tom recording from 1968.
Put in: The Circle Game by Tom Rush 5.23
The great Joanie Mitchell song: Sung so beautifully.
Yes Tom does this with such feeling: and just listen to that Guitar
– total MAGIC!! Definitely One of THE GREATS!! For me.
And the video is good.

Then in Chat 8: I chatted about Tom Paxton.
Superb Folk Writer/Singer, Still singing at nearly 80..
And he has written so many wonderful songs.. and NOBODY sings
them better than Tom. We must have one of Toms songs..
and I have ALWAYS loved Ramblin Boy. So put in:
Tom Paxton Ramblin’ Boy (1964) 4.04
No Matter how many times I hear this song; I still find it MAGIC.
Definitely one of MY most favourite songs of all time
Oh YES, that is History from 1964;
and Tom is still singing today.

Going way back in time; one of the first Folk Groups I really
Liked was THE KINGSTON TRIO So let’s have one of their
early songs. A Great song written by Gordon Lightfoot;
Put in; Kingston Trio Early Morning Rain 2.33
Yes they were singing over many years.
But I never got to see them live.
And looking back to RAYS CHAT TEN. I see that
I gave you the KINGSTON TRIO singing SHENANDOAH.
Oh a VERY Famous song. But a real find for me was a Lady I
had never heard before, Singing Shenandoah..It is just lovely:
So lets have THAT again; Put in:
Sissel Kyrksebo Shenandoah – 2001 3.56
WoW! That is just superb singing.

Then in Chat Four we had the Great Irish Folk Song
THE FIELDS OF ATHENRY. So many versions to choose from??
My favourite: Put in:
The Dubliners-The Fields of Athenry-HQ 4.34
Certainly a GREAT Folk Song: and a True story.

In CHAT FIVE I talked about Two of my own personal
Favourites. Here is the first one:
Put in; The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Earl of
Moray 3.27 Oh the Memories that brings back. I used to
request that song time and time again. Ian said: I do sing other
songs you know!! But I still asked for The Earl of Moray.
And NO ONE will ever sing it better than Ian I am sure of

And on the other side of that EP is Lorna singing:​
Another Absolutely Gorgeous Song Superbly sung.

OHH What memories those two songs bring to me of
The Wonderful days at The Jug of Punch Folk Club;
And two Superb folk singers. YES: Memories of Wonderful days.

Skimming thro my CHATS: in Chat Thirteen We had an Irish
Night. OH yes. I must have that Great Song: Carickfergus..
But so many sang it: Which One? DO I choose?
Put in: Paddy Reilly – Carickfergus 4.02
Lovely Version: Just superby sung.

And in Chat 13. More Irish and I found a lovely recording of an
Irish Song we all know: Put in:
JUDY COLLINS – “Danny Boy” Live in Concert
June 2000 3.53 Oh What a voice. And She was over 60 when
she made that recording. Brilliant Performer.

Well I have got to here without mentioning two important
People/Groups of the early Folk days; and I mean Bob Dylan
And Peter,Paul and Mary. OK: So lets have Peter, Paul and Mary
sing a Bob Dylan Song: Put in:
Peter, Paul and Mary – Blowing in the Wind 3.01
Yes that Group were one of the most famous ever and Bob
Dylans song Was sung by many in the Clubs.

Now we are here on page THREE and I have some special songs
for you: Remember in CHAT Twenty One; I found a Group New
to me CELTIC THUNDER. I was amazed that I had never heard
of them; Yes new to me. AND THEY ARE MAGIC.
Well as a tribute to the Late GREAT Leonard Cohen; lets have his
most famous song sung by CELTIC THUNDER: Put in
Celtic Thunder Voyage II – ‘Hallelujah’ 3.06
Many versions of this song. But this takes a lot of beating.

Then I have found a Guy; just playing it; SO DIFFERENT!!
He plays two guitars together!! YES. And also Cello (No not at
the same time). This is different. Put in:
Hallelujah – 2 Guitars and Cello by Jason Swanson
And now to end I just got to have one that the Ladies
Loved when I put it in RAYS CHAT 21: Put in:

To end: let have a lovely version of Hallelujah with an
unusual video Put in:
(OFFICIAL VIDEO) Hallelujah – Pentomix 5.05

Well that is a mix of songs
I have found for you over the past years
I hope you have enjoyed them.
Nice chatting to You Ray