June 17, 2012 By Paul

InBetweenSeas blow the football away!

Performer’s night featuring InBetweenSeas – 15th June

With England vs Sweden on the telly and to the sound of distant cheers and groans drifting down the corridoor from the bar, we enjoyed a real treat at our latest meeting when InBetweenSeas performed a stunning feature spot.

The first half featured songs and poems from Paul, John, Ray, Laura and Pete along with a solo spot from Ed with Barry away celebrating his wedding anniversary. We were all mystified as to why he didn’t bring Barbara along to the club – what better way could there be to celebrate such an occasion?! We also had an excellent spot from Derek who was making his first visit to the club. Derek plays a mean guitar and has a great singing voice. We enjoyed his spot so much that we called him back for more in the second half!

A particularly exciting raffle featured an olympic tea towel bringing back memories of the old “Great Tea Towels of the World” theme that we ran in our first year. A fine prize indeed!

InBetweenSeas are a young, 4-piece band from Stourbridge and my goodness me, weren’t they good! Powerful yet haunting vocals accompanied by excellent guitars and mandolin all held together by flowing bass created a very distinctive style and a thoroughly excellent sound. Watch out for this lot and catch them if you can.

The second half continued with a second helping of Derek and a singalong with Where’s Mary before we called InBetweenSeas back to finish off the evening. Excellent stuff.

Next up is Cara Luft on Friday 22nd June. Tickets are £6 on the door.