September 18, 2011 By Paul

Bring Some Folk Night

Bring Some Folk Night – 16th September

Well, our second Autumn season got off to a cracking start with a packed room (our second highest attendance ever – only John Kirkpatrick got more!!) and lots of old friends and new.

The first half featured spots from Simon, Susan, Marten and Simeon. We also welcomed Diane who sung beautifully with Sam providing great accompaniment. This spot got off to a slightly dodgy start when Sam appeared alone and looking slightly bemused. The question “Where is Diane” was answered by cries of “In the toilet”! Diane remarked that this was the first time she had ever received a round of applause for returning from the toilet! Great stuff and their songs were certainly worth waiting for. We also welcomed Tommy for the first time at the club. Tommy entertained us with his unique humour and a performance full of great fun.

The interval was soon upon us and the legendary club raffle did not disappoint. Simeon’s plums were quickly snapped up (I’ve just read this back and I have written what I mean?!) and Rob and Clare claimed a CD donated by Marten featuring some of his own work. For one night only we then witnessed the return of the much loved “Great Tea Towels of the World” thanks to Linda and Geoff who donated Cambridge. This was definitely one for the academics so we were all pleased for Sheila who joyfully claimed it!

The second half saw the use of the Red Lion PA system for the very first time. Sleight of Hands and the White Sandy Bottoms gave a fine performance of the epic Tall Ships – all 22 minutes of it! As a white sandy bottom myself I suppose I should leave comment to others but I thought it was pretty damn good myself!!

Sam then returned with another newcomer, Mickey, who played some fine whistle tunes.

The evening ended in grand style with an extended spot by De Kelten featuring club favourites Barry and Ed along with the excellent Bronagh and Noreen who added fiddle and whistle to the lineup. This was great stuff and all four encores were thoroughly deserved, even the one that Barry called for himself! Well, why be modest when you have so much talent and provide such top class entertainment?!

Our next meeting is on 7th October when the very talented Will Coverdale will perform a feature spot in, what will otherwise be, a performer’s night.

The Autumn programme is finally complete and full details are now on the dates page so do have a look. As 18th November is Children in Need Night we have decided to postpone our charity concert until 25th February. Instead we will have a performer’s night with a feature spot from yours truly but please don’t let that put you off!

Finally, don’t forget to get involved in the event suggestions section of the web site by posting your own ideas and replying to those already there.