May 21, 2011 By Paul

Barry and Ed’s triumphant return

Once again we enjoyed a fine evening of entertainment at our most recent performer’s evening on 20th May. April was a month of five Fridays and our last meeting was a concert by the excellent Isambarde so this was our first performer’s night for five weeks.

Pete treated us to a fine MC performance in his own engaging style and on his MC debut and kicked the evening off with two great songs. We then had the usual quality performances from Marten, John, Betty, Simon, Simeon and Jacqui. I don’t usually mention my own efforts but I did enjoy singing the Tinkerman’s Daughter for the first time for many months. It is a song that conjures up such vivid images with so few very carefully crafted words and phrases. The song is a classic in my opinion.

We were also treated to Mark making his first visit to the club all the way from Uttoxeter who performed two lovely songs in great style.

A welcome return to Reg who gave us a great song in his familiar style and then accompanied Howard who made a very assured debut. Howard is yet another example of people who come to the club claiming never to have played in public before but leaving us all doubting if this can really be true after such a quality performance!

We also enjoyed the return of Phil who gave a captivating performance with some fine guitar playing and some great singing.

Sam added a touch of class late in the evening with a particularly spine tingling performance of the Universal Soldier.

The evening ended in the best possible way with the return of, in Pete’s words, our resident couple Barry and Ed! These two have the rare ability to put a smile on our faces and send us home in good spirits.

The raffle, of course, must get a mention with Derek taking this week’s Shirley Red Lion Folk Club guest publication “Carpology” complete with free sinkers. Expect to see Derek in waders and waxed jacket around the lakes and ponds of the region in the very near future!

We do it all again on 3rd June when a warm welcome and great entertainment awaits!