May 7, 2011 By Paul

Isambarde – 6th May

What a fantastic evening of entertainment we enjoyed from our guest band Isambarde. Great songs, inspired arrangements and a fascinating combination of instruments along with stunning harmonies all added up to a fine performance. Add to that the engaging, relaxed style of the band and we all had smiles on our faces throughout the evening. We also had our highest attendance to date which all created a great atmosphere and a fabulous evening.

Thanks Isambarde!

There are not many chances left to catch the band before they stop performing together in September so check out their web site at if you want to see them again or if you missed them.

Isambarde were ably supported by John, Steve, Ric and Simon who all showed the quality of our regular performers with fine support spots.

With the demise of “Great Tea Towels of the World” and the last novelty toilet roll going last time, there was great excitement as the raffle approached over what would be the final prize. To the sound of dramatic music provided by the band the very first Shirley Red Lion Folk Club Guest Publication was revealed and Alison triumphantly claimed the May edition of “Old Tractor” which included a host of fascinating articles such as “Furguson up a gum tree” along with a very attractive subscription offer.

A great night all round!