April 26, 2010 By Paul

Gilmore-Roberts Guest Night

So Good & So Young

On one hand it’s so frustrating, as a not-so-young occasional performer, to see two young people perform so well, and look like they’re enjoying themselves.  On the other hand it’s so good to see two young people able to play, sing and entertain live, without all the hype, production & cretinous comments Saturday night television inflicts on us.

Katriona’s very engaging presence and Jamie’s remarkable guitar style, combined with excellent self-penned songs and tunes, produced a most enjoyable evening.

Whether the signed tea towel Katriona won in the raffle will leave equally fond memories remains to be seen.

Katriona's t-towel

Go see them live, buy their CD, give them a listen – www.gilmoreroberts.co.uk/

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