August 1, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Rays Chat Number 5

Rays page Number 5
Hi Folks.
So: Here we are in August 2023:
And WOW!! What a Year, so far!! .
.From Raging Rain Storms, Flooding places that had never had floods
before; and IN SOME Countries People driven from their homes, by
AND: The Hottest Weather We have EVER Known.!!
Then in JULY All the Med Holiday Places .. WOW!! MUCH TOO HOT
to go on Beaches.. and Raging FIRES driving People out of The
Places, They have spent BIG Money to go to..
And They say this is what the future looks like.
WOW!! No one is going to want to book Med holidays for 2024!?.
Or Any Hot Sun places!!
So.. THE HOLIDAY TRADE must be worried about
And this is What “May and & June”, Are Thinking.
Oh May, The Holiday Companies that have booked places for 2024,
must be worried Out their minds.
WELL If you have experienced Total HAVOC like People have
endured in 2023!!!
Would YOU book another Med Holiday for next year?
WHO is going to book something in the Sun, for Next Year?
Well Joe and Me certainly WON’T be booking Anything!!.
You are right June: Holidays Will BE ESCAPE FROM THE SUN:
It will be Switzerland, Scotland, High Places.. Iceland ..
Away from the Sun. Those Will be the New Holiday places..

Well! Henry and Me, Are NOT Booking ANYTHING!!
We will be taking things as they come. Days OUT,
Coach Trips!! Yes Go Things Like Morris Dancing Festivals
Visit Local Festivals!! And Events.
If Fred can extend and have a Games area.. I think
Yes ..Just think:
If Fred can set-Up CRAZY GOLF: Maybe CROQUET.
How about ARCHERY. Oh Yes:
It could be Days of FUN at FREDS!!
June: I think next year IS GOING TO BE VERY
I have been able to be at the last two Club Nights.
because Simeon VERY KINDLY has given Me a lift,
and going Home Diane takes Me Home.
Which is just WONDERFUL.
Oh I did So miss not being able to come to The Club.
And WHAT A NIGHT the last of the Summer Season Club
WAS!!. Packed: and with quite few New faces;
A Fabulous Night. Just GREAT Songs.

To Me: It seemed as if Someone had Asked me to choose MY
Favourite Songs.. They were there. Songs I had not heard for a
long time.. OH YES: GREAT NIGHT: I think THAT Night will be
Hard to beat:

But I am sure that Simeon will be choosing GREAT Guests for
the Club. And I for One will be Loving Every Minute I am there.
I Have been going to Folk Clubs for a very Long time, and was
lucky enough to be a Member of the JUG OF PUNCH –
The Best Folk Club in UK.. Maybe Best in Europe.
Yes: I was a member From When it started.
Till it Ended. More than ten years later.
Fabulous days a very long time ago.!!
YES I am 94 Now.. AND Oh what changes I have seen?
When I was born; there was No NHS.. So I was born at Home
by the Doctor, Who had to be paid by My Dad.
There was No Electricity. Cooking WAS by Gas, AND Lighting
by Gas.
It was 1937 When Electricity came to Our Road.. And We had
One Light in each Room, and just One Power Point .
My Dad bought a RADIO. But BBC was only on a few hours a
day. So he ran a long ariel down the garden.. and then We
Oh We listened to stories of Doctor FU MAN CHU.. And heard
MUSIC.. Until THEN, The Only Music We heard was. Our
Piano: Or our Gramophone; We listened to some Old Records
On an That old wind-up Gramophone!!
NOW: On this new radio .. there was Henry Hall and His Music
; and Oh Great New things.. Total Magic!!.
I was born in Small Heath Birmingham in what was quite a Nice
Area near the Park.. (Called Poets Corner).
I was Eleven when the WAR started.. and We moved to Shirley,
and lived with My Grandad who had moved there a couple of

years before, and My MOM and I walked the are to find a
place for Us to live. And We moved to Shirley.
A Very different Shirley to now. No Phones in your home.
There was a Red box at the end of the street, was where you
went to Telephone your order for the next lot of Coal:
that came by a Horse Driven Cart.
How FAST Things have changed..
Somehow I have managed to live thro this fast changing Life,
Oh Yes: I am still here, and so glad to be alive.
Thanks for your Friendship
I am Happy to say Shirley Folk Club is the Friendliest Folk
I have ever belonged to.
I look forward to Many more WONDERFUL Evenings with You..
is going to be THE PLACE TO BE.
Thanks Everyone.