January 12, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 150

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FifTY   

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:

Well it has not been as Cold and Rainy AS FORECAST!! 

So, BE THANKFULL for Something:  

And Lets Start with  Something from a long time ago: 

It was Very New sounding in those days

Put In:

Bob Dylan Knockin  on Heaven’s Door 

(Original 1973) 3.04

Oh those Oldies were good..  

This next guy I can remember.  He had lots of plays on radio.

Great Singer: and this was a Great Big Song..                                                                                                                                                                                    Yes: Put in:

Marty Robbins – Cool Water 3.10

Oh Yes Marty got a lot of radio plays..  

and another of his I remember was this:

Put in:

Marty Robbins – El Paso (Live) 4.43

Believe it or not, THAT was a LIVE recording from 1965 

Ok Maybe that is not Folk.  But these are: The Seekers,

The Mommas and Poppas. Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, 

All New kind of Folk, and the New Young Clubbers, loved them:

Let’s hear some of those recordings:

Put in: 

All My Trials, Peter,Paul and Mary 3.17

The Vietnam War started in 1954.. American Young Men

were being sent to fight  in the Vietnam War.   

And this was the start of the PROTEST MOVEMENT. 

This brought Many New Kind of Songs to Folk Music 

So, We had New Songs, new Singers. Like Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, 

And So Many More  real new sort of Songs: 

So We Got  Songs Like this. 

Put In: 

Can’t Help But Wonder Where 

I’m Bound Tom Paxton  3.40

And a Great singer that has only recently died was Ian Tyson  Sometimes He sang with his wife:

But here He is singing Solo:

Put in:

Ian Tyson Springtime in Alberta 3.51

Oh Ian is Well worth following:  such a gentle easy style:

A Song I still always want to hear; FROM THOSE EARLY DAYS:

Put In:

ARLO- GUTHRIE Hobos lullaby 3.57

Oh Yes: Great Oldies:  

But We Must Move-On; 

And hear What the New Boys are Singing.  

This is first time I have heard this guy.. 

See what You think of This?

Put In:

Wandered This Far – Brady Wede 4.20

No: I  Don’t think THAT’s  going to Be ME.

But  THIS is still One of My Most Favourites.. 

This is before Finbar Fury retired from the Group. Age of 70. 

Then began a new Career as a Solo performer!!  Oh Yes.  

He became a Famous Solo Performer with a lovely Gentle style. 

And is One of My Favourite performers.

Put in:

The Fureys. Dreaming My Dreams .3.53

I seem to have known this song forever – and I still love it.

Ok: Lets have a Lady singing.. and this is different:

Put In:

Caroline Jones – Rise (Official Music Video) 2.46

Now Let’s have a real old Folk Song, One Of The Best, 

You will just want to join-in..  Oh Lovely Song:

Put In:

Love is Pleasing, Johnny McEnvoy 3.54

Oh Those Irish Guys sure can sing.   

This next guy is New to Me.. I like him. 

Name Connor Mc Ginty… 

What Do You think?

Put in:

Lovely Derry on the Banks of the Foyle 4.28

Staying with the Irish. Here is another Group I have never heard’ 

for real.  See How you Like Them?

Put In:

The Kilkennies Spanish Lady 3.09

Great Song.

Now: Lets have a change .. We have not had any Country Songs!

And so Yes: lets have Garth  Brookes .

Garth, is one of the Greatest Song Writers and I thought that 

Maybe We should hear one of his songs NOW: 

and this is just the Greatest

Put in:

If Tomorrow Never Comes 4,37O

Oh Yes: Superb Song.  And, How Do You follow THAT?

Look We are getting down the page,  Got Time for maybe  

One more:  Oh Where Do You think We might wander??

There was a rumour that  SHANIA TWAIN had Died.  

BUT was Proved Thankfully UnTRUE!!  


I Think : We Should be Thankful Shania is still with Us                        And end with Shania:  And I think This is the Song 

Put In:

Willie Nelson and Shania Twain,  

Blue eyes crying in the rain 3.11

Think FOLK.