January 1, 2023 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 149.

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Forty Nine

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi Folks.

So, We are into another Year:  And Who knows What We

are going to cope with in Our Lives this Year:

We will just have to Find Music to keep the Blues Away                                                                                 

First song is one of my Favourites;

BUT I had |Never Heard this Lady before..  And I am loving

Her version: .It is also the longest version I know

Put in:   

ALISON MOORER Carrick Fergus 6.09

So We have started with a Scottish Song; 

So I think  an Irish Song would be good. 

And This a Song I had Not Heard before, and I like it, 

See what you think?  

Put In:

Town I Left Behind  Johnny McEvoy 5.38  

Oh Yes: It is, So Good to hear Johnny Again.  

It is a very long time since I heard Him.. He has such a Gentle style.

Great Singer:    Yes Lets hear him again:

Put In:

My Old Boat – Live in Belfast 3.33

Oh Yes. Lets have another Great Irish Singer, Luke Kelly,

Luke was with the Dubliners for Many Years: 

Then had his own Group.  

Many of his songs were rousing Chorus kind of Song..

But get him in Gentle mood; and He was Great.

Lets hear Luke Now.  And this is Folk Singing at it’s very best.

Put In:

Luke Kelly – Scorn Not His Simplicity 4.34  

LUKE Kelly in his Gentler Mood; Just superb Singing 

WOW!! How do you follow that?  

So; I asked YOU TUBE for the best Folk Song, to follow, it gave me this;

Put In:

Sam Lee and Friends – Lovely Molly  (Folk Awards) 5.06

So: there we had Mass choir singing.  A Folk Song

And my next Song  is Oh So different.

It is from the days when this lady was very young:

Now She is retired.. So Yes this  is from a long time ago.

But a Lady I Never want to Forget.

Put in:

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands – Joan Baez 11.11

Ok that was old and maybe a bit long.

So now I give you something much faster..

This a New Group to me.

Called The Highstool Phophets .

Put In: ]

This is The Life 3.36

WOW THAT WAS FAST.  I really like that!!  

That must be the Fastest Banjo playing I have ever heard!!

Must watch out for them again.

And Now:  A Singer  Who was with the Dubliners for Many

Years before He did His Own thing..  

He Had a Big Voice and was Great at Rebel Songs:  

But Get him in Quieter Mood and He was real Great.

Put This In:

Luke Kelly – Scorn Not His Simplicity 4.33

Oh!! These older Songs Must not get forgotten

And there is one that is forever in my memory right back from those 

early days

So before I go to some newer songs.. 

Lets hear One of the first really Great Songs: That I still Remember.

This was real Special tome.

Put In:

Someday Soon. Ian and Sylvia Tyson, 1964 2.20 

Oh Yes  Great Song one of the early CDs.

And here is another

Creedance sang this way back in the 70s.. still sounds Great To Me.

Put in

Creedance Clearwater Revival  – Have You Ever Seen The Rain


OK – Those were a couple of Oldies

Change Of Mood: Lets have something different:

Put In:

N O S T A L I A  –  Marino Franco(Guitarra  Esp.

And now, a much newer song Which really did Hit the High spots.

THIS is the Guy that wrote it SINGING IT:

Put In:

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brookes 4.37   

Great Song, 

And, talking about Great Songs.. doing My wandering around I found a gathering of Irish Folk Singers doing their own thing   

with One of MY Favourite Songs.. and I loved it: 

See what YOU think.

Put In:

Real Irish Music – Sweet Sixteen in O’Donoghues Pub 4.13     

So We are getting down the page And I am thinking it would be good to let Johnny McEnvoy have the last Song.

Put In:

Love is Pleasing Johnny McEnvoy 3.54

So yet another Rays Chat comes to and end. And in this New Year I hope You will have more Great FOLK Experiences.