August 31, 2022 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 145

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & FORTYFive

The references I Give You Are From  YOU TUBE FOLK MUSIC

Hi folks:

So: We have been through the HOTTEST period that We haver Ever known.. Who knows what NEXT Year will be like??

!!Better try and find some COOL Songs??

So start with this:

Put In: 

Steel Drum – UB 40 Red Red Wine by Dano’s Island Sounds 4.35

And . for something VERY Different:

I have not played you Pan Pipes for a while; Yes so enjoy this:

Put In:

Leo Rojas – Der Einsame Hirte (Vidoclip)3.57

Somehow Pan Pipes seem to go with The Sun??

And Now, it is a while since we heard one of our favourites singers;

Put in:

John Denver – Rocky Mountain High (Official Audio) 4.47

So: There We have had a real Mix to start this Chat with.  

And I know just the Lady I want to hear next.Singing One of My favourite Songs of all time:

Put in:

Someday Soon – Suzy Bogguss 3.57

And that is a Great Song.   And: I have found Suzy singing a real oldie: So Yes lets hear that;

Put in:  

Suzy Bogguss Red River Valley 3.54

and YES I seem to remember that from  the day I was born!! Well not quite!!

And Now: I have not played another of of my favourite Ladies for a while..

Time to remedy ?THAT:

Put In:

Alison Krauss and John Waite – Lay Down Beside Me  4.49

Thanks Alison it is good to hear your voice again, 

And now I think  We will have a voice I have not heard before

Put In:

JOHNNY DUNCAN – “(There’s Still) Someone I Can’t Forget) 2.44

Nice to find a New voice. 

YES, And I have found another New voice to me. A New Lady

And I like what  hear: Nice  voice,

Put In

Jacqui Sharkey When I Dream 3.22

No: I had not heard Jacqui before , Yes I Like!!…

BUT I see She is Country Singer and I have found her singing This:

Put In:

Shunie Cramsey & Jacqui Sharkey TheReason for Leaving 3.55

And NOW Some OLD Memories:  

This was on the radio so  many times in the Old Days: 

YES let’s hear it again: Great Old Song:

Put In:

El Paso – Marty Robbins 4.19

Oh Memories

And it is a long time since I heard THE OLD GUY. 

And Yes I think I want to hear him Now:

Put in:

Willie Nelson  I’ll Love You Till The Day I Die Official Lyric Video 4.10

Oh Yes He can still do it.  I seem to have been listening to him forever..

and still like him.

And now something somewhat different… See how you like This Guy;

Put In:


And still the Sun Shines:  So YES it is Sunshine Music we need… and Yes OK.. Time for a Sunshine Song, and I like this:  

It is a different version of an Old Song:

Put in:

You Are  My Sunshine (Cover Music)Travel Love (White Island. CamiquinPhillippines 3.38

We have not heard one of my favourite Ladies for a while.  

Yes Let’s hear Norah Jones,

Put In:

Norah Jones –  Come Away With Me (Official Music Video) 3.14

Well you have to agree that We are getting to hear some Great Songs

And We have got this far down the page, 

And I found This:

Put In:

Willie Nelson – Just Breathe (Official Video) 4.04

Oh Willie can still sing a Great Song

And NOW.. I have found  a famous Group of singers to sing our Last Song, Oh Yes good to hear these guys.

Put In:


And lets finish with another Oldie!!

Put In:

Ricky Scaggs sings ”I Wouldn’t Change If I Could” 3,22

Think FOLK