October 25, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 103

Hi Folks:

It’s RAYS CHAT One Hundred & Three

Hi Folks.  

I was just wandering in YOU TUBE and found a tribute to 

Paul Simon.. which I had not seen before.. 

And as it was always one of my most loved of Pauls music:  

I thought You might like it:

Put in:

James Taylor & Alison Krauss – The Boxer: Paul Simon Tribute 3.10

And then I had one of those things happening: I found a guy I had never heard of before.. YesNew to me.

Here He is with Just a simple gathering of friends: 

and THE guy sings this:

Put in:

Mickey Newbury – Sweet Memory 1.51

I like that: OH! What a find…  

This is just a simple live recording, perfectly sung

I liked this:  Just gorgeous singing.. ​

I really can’t believe I had never heard of this guy..  

Well I will be listening for more of him for sure.

He died just age 62 in 2002.

And: Oh HOW have I not heard of this guy??  

WOW!!  He is Great. 

Just listen to the simply way he sings this.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury : What Will I do 3.39

That is just SO Good.

AND: I have a found him singing a really Superb song.

Which; He sings wonderfully. He sang this near the end of his life and it is just so simple and SO GOOD.

AND: I am going to save it for the farewell song.  

Yes you’ll have to wait!!    But will be worth it.

Now: How the Heck am I going to follow THAT?!!!

Well: I think a complete change of Mood: 

Change of Instrument: EVERYTHING:

And let’s have a New Folk Song: Let’s see what YOU TUBE suggests

Put in:

Passenger | The Way That I Love You (Official Video) 2.54

Yes: quite liked it.. and some nice videos shots with it.

You Tube seems to rate Passenger, as if I ask for The best New Folk Songs.. it comes Up with Passenger… 

(I’m Not so sure???)  What Do you Think??

And still with NEW!!

I found this strange new song, …No sure What to think??

It is different.. VERY DIFFERENT.. I’m not sure about it??

Really is Different: See What YOU think?

Put in.

Teflon Sega – Lonely and Free (lyric video) 3.34

YES it is New 

And Well it is Different.  Somehow Strange; BUT, I quite like it. Sort of don’t want it to end..  Intrigued!!  Bit Strange..  

Teflon Segahave quite a catalogue of songs; if you want to explore more Of them??

VERY DIFFERENT:  What Did you think??

And whilst we are on Songs that are Very Different: I wonder what you think of this song by Lewis Capaldi – one of the Newer Guys:

Put in:

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved 3.52

Well it’s a lot different to “Wild Rover”.

Saying that: YES I reckon I would like to have an Oldie now:

And one Guy I have always rated as one of the Very BEST

is Ian Tyson. He goes back a long way!!

And I have found a song of his that I had never heard before!!  YES.. a real find for me,  I have always rated Ian’s gentle style; and I do Like thisVERY  MUCH: I find myself Singing it

Put in

Ian Tyson Springtime in Alberta 3.51

Oh Yes:  I Really Do Like This Song.. and it was NEW to me.

Ian still has my Top Marks:  

Lovely Gentle!! Oh YES This is definitely Me. 

And did you know? He was a Rodeo Rider in his Youth..

But got injured in a Rodeo fall.. 

And turned to writing songs And singing them..

and He wrote and sang this: One of THE BEST EVER SONGS.

Put in:​

Ian Tyson – Someday Soon 3.45

Great Song.  Oh YES:  

It still is one of my Most Favourite Songs of all time.

IAN Definitely is one of my favourite guys.

AND: Here he is singing with his wife Sylvia: Singing One of the 

Greatest Songs of All time.

Put In: 

Ian and Sylvia – Four Strong Winds 

(CBC TV 1986) 5.58

Just great singing at a later stage in their lives. And just listen 

How they have matured Oh so wonderfully.

Oh That was So Good.. Now to keep the mood.. here is another

song from that period:  Yes a real blast from the past

Put in:

The Journeymen – 500 Miles [Original Version] 

(1961) 3.13.

We have got to the last song:

And I promised you the ~VERY BEST version of this song 

I have ever heard.  

It is just so simply sung:  Superb.

Put in:

Mickey Newbury An American Trilogy 

I love the simplicity of this​

WOW!! This is a truly Superb version.  

Till Next time Wishing So Much that I could Be with You All.

                Keep Smiling