October 16, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 102

Hi Folks:


Hi Folks:

I wanted something gentle to start with? and I Think that you might like this; Two of the Very Best of the Country guys got together and this gentle song is the result:

Put In:

George Jones & Alan Jackson – “A Good Year for The Roses” 3.35

And How Do I Follow That!!!?  It has to be Something out the Top Drawer..  I asked YOU TUBE  and it came-up with this:

I wonder if you agree?

Put in:

Alan Jackson – Remember When (Official Music Video) 4.26

But I guess some of the New Young guys might think this old stuff

Is just for older People/??;  

So: I was wondering just Where Life is leading Us?  and where Music styles will Go?.  

There are some New Youngsters that writing GREAT stuff that I Like. I like this young guy

See what You think of this?

Put In:

Jack Savoretti – Singing to Strangers [Interlude](Official Audio)2.54

Perhaps that is moving too far away from Folk?? But I like it.

OK: That was One of the newer guys:  

BUT:  Back to roots:  There won’t be any doubts about this; Something for Everyone.

Put in:

Artists of Then, and  Forever Country 4.09

And thinking of Country Singers.. 

It is too long since We heard this Guy:

Put in

John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads (Audio) 3.1

Oh yes the Gentle songs

I know a Great IRISH Song that I would love to hear right now.. Oh YES!!  Hear this and watch the Great Videos..  

I have Always loved this song.  Don’t miss this video it is a gem

Put in:

Beautiful Country Folk Music ! Best Love Song! Most Romantic Love Songs! Top Irish Celtic Covers 4.02

AND DO watch the Video.

And then YOU TUBE Played this:  a Song I did not know

Lets Hear it:

Put In:

I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today, Gretchen Wilson, Jenny Daniels, Country Music Cover Song 2.45

And in my early days of Folk One of the Folk Duo that I really liked was called The Corries.. and YES I am going  play one of theirsongs for you now: from the Good Old Old Days.

Put in:

The Corries Johnny Lad 2.41

I always thought they were a real Great Duo.. But never got to see them for real.  

Let’s have another from them:

And this is honestly the Best WILD ROVER I’ve ever heard.

And is surely the way Wild Rover Should be Sung:

Put in:

The Corries – Wild Rover 5.08

Folk Singing at it’s best.  Wish I  could Hear it in the Club right Now!!

And here is another of the Old songs that they sing simply; 

But so beautifully

Put in:

The Corries- The Leaving of Liverpool 4.54

Oh Yes: just so simply sung. Yes the Corries were a truly Great Duo.  See Why I rated them?

And another singer of that Period was LUKE KELLY.

For a long time He was front Man for the DUBLINERS.

AND: I was lucky enough to see and hear him sing as a Solo guy.  OH!! He was good.  He had a very strong voice and knew How to Present a Song. His very powerful voice didn’t need BIG accompaniment.   Just listen to this:

Put in

Luke Kelly The Town I Loved So Well 8.09

Oh: I want to hear more of Luke.. What a Great Singer He was.

Put In:

Luke Kelly: Dirty Old Town (1976) 3.45

Well I doubt that you will hear hear it sung better than that.

I count myself that I was lucky enough to hear him live.. a few times. OH Memories.  He died in 1984: Thank you Luke.

So: Another Rays Chat has somehow drifted along; 

With mostly older stuff..  But GREAT songs that I don’t want to forget. and here we are: Coming-Up to the Last Songs.

Oh: BUT WHAT SONGS??    So Many?? 

So I asked YOU TUBE, for the BEST Song of the 60’s.???

wonder if you have an idea what That might be:??.– And this is what  it came-up with:

Put In:

Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence (from The  Concert in Central Park) 3.17

I wonder if you think that’s the best song?  

OR: Maybe you might choose??

Put In

Simon & Garfunkle – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Audio) 4.53

Till Next time: Wishing So Much that I could Be with You All.

     Keep Smiling and Hoping.