January 21, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 78

                                                                                                               Hi Folks

It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy Eight.

The first Club in 2020 was truly GREAT: and the Second One was Brilliant.. WOW!! Looking ahead We REALLY Could be having Exciting Times Ahead both in the Club: And Politically??
Put in:
Johnny Cash – I Don’t Know Where I’m Bound 2.23
YES: Just where will we go? who Knows?
But We have to believe in things.
Put in:
Don Williams – I Believe in You 4.08
That goes back to 2008.. Nice Gentle song.

Oh YES: I think another of Don’s Songs might go down well??
BUT WHICH ONE? He recorded lots of songs;
But, Try this:
Put in:
Don Williams – “You’re My Best Friend” 3.03

So Far: We have been remembering Songs of the past.

BUT: Now I think it’s time to have one of the newer boys:

This guy; Mo Pitney is just 27;
And He really has already made a Big name for himself:

So Let Us hear him
Mo Pitney – Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me. 4.04

Oh Yes I like Him. I like His voice and He has a great Background. You might think you know the name??
Gene Pitney is his Dad:

Oh Yes: Let us have another from Him..
Put In:
Mo Pitney – “Borrowed Angel” 5.57
Yes : I like him

NOW: Let’s have something gentle. Let’s have some steel guitar:
Put in:
Poor Boy Blues 3.26

And to follow that I have found a nice gentle song that is new to me.. and the singer is also new:
So what do you think?
Put in:
De Dixie Aces – Almost Persuaded 3.10
Yes: I Liked them.

Do You want to hear Another?
Put this in:
De Dixie Aces Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room 4.29
Yes I liked that. Bit of Country for you. That was good.

Time for a Blast from the Past. This is One of the Folk songs that was very popular in the 50/60’s:
ONE, I have never mentioned before.
So let’s give it a whirl.
It starts with whistling
You only have to hear that whistle and you know what is coming:
Great Song: Oh you know it!!
Put in:
The Highwaymen – Michael (Row the Boat Ashore) 2.44
The song was first sung by Slaves, and was first published in 1867 in Slave Songs of the United States by Allen, Ware, and Lucy McKim Garrison.[3] Folk musician and educator Tony Saletan
rediscovered it in 1954 in a library copy of that book.
History lesson Over for today

Now: Lets have a Country Song. This is an Oldie from 1978.
Put in:
Cotton Fields [Playing for Change] Song Around The World 3.15

And Now I have found a song being sung by a DUO,
BUT: I do not know them
And have not been able to find more about them
Great Sound:
Put in:
NADALOS & RAYIA, Traveling Soldier 5.43
Really liked the sound the Duo makes..

And NOW for Something very different:
Let’s see how you like this??
Put In:
Rhiannon Giddens – Wayfaring Stranger 2.28
Yes some good work there.

But: Now: lets have something you can sing along to..
and I am sure You must know this one
Put in:
Banks of the Ohio 4.11
Not Much to Identify this version . But: Look for the Guy in the White Hat & Blue Shirt. Man and Woman Duo with Banjo & Harmonica.
No name… just hope you find them?

Good Old Song, Did you enjoy that? And it sort of reminds me of another:
This is an Unusual combination
Put in:
The Wayward Wind by Sylvia and James Galway

AND: Now how would you like the sound of a steel Guitar?
Put in:
Crying Steel Guitar 3.09

Yes That’s good sound to finish with.

And there goes another RAYS CHAT.. I Hope that You enjoy exploring the Wonderful World of Folk and Country Music
Bye until the Next RAYS CHAT