January 6, 2020 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 77

Hi Folks
IT’S RAYS CHAT Seventy Seven.

It’s Here Folks 2020
And I wonder just Where it will take Us
WHO Knows?!!.. It’s a New Year!! New Political scene. Times are a Changing!! Well You Couldn’t have a better Cue for a Song: Bob Dylan will sing “Times are a changing” for you if log into YOUTUBE.

But: that was a song from the Past.
And as We have said We can’t live in the past. SO: Just what the future will be? Who Knows ?.
BUT: I think it will be the Young that will change things.
And YES: They already ARE Changing things in the Music World.
So many Great New performers: I have found a couple of New guys: Put in:
Dermot Kennedy – Young and Free (Official Video) 4.26

WOW! So!! This is very DIFFERENT!! VERY Powerful,
And.. I wanted to hear all of it.
Dermot certainly has a Very Powerful voice.
Yes: I think I will want to hear more of him.

And here is the second New guy:
Put in:
George Ezra – Hold My Girl (Official Video) 3.43
I couldn’t make-up my mind.. I did like it:
BUT found it a bit repetitive. What did YOU think?

Two new guys. With powerful songs:

NOW: Lets go for A complete change of mood:
See how you like this
Put in:
BZN Countrymelody (Nathalie – Poor Old Joe – Countless Days​
Hey that was Great – these BZN guys are New to me..
I liked it.. Yes Let’s have Another from them..
They Reminded me of ABBA.
Put in:
BZN My Number One 3.56
Difficult to follow That!!

And: then I found a Duo I had not Heard before!. (seems They are VERY BIG in Holland). Not really Folk.
BUT, I liked them.
Put in:
Mel & Piet Veerman “Lovin’ Arms” 3.24

OK: So we have been hearing some of the newer guys; and I hope that you enjoyed them?
BUT: RAYS CHAT is here to remind you of songs that were recorded in earlier days.
And One guy I have not mentioned for a while is:
DON McLean. Don Mclean is to me one of the Greatest Folk Singers Ever:
He is 74 now, and He was much younger when I was lucky enough to see. and hear him: I had a front row seat in a small theatre.. And the thing that impressed Me most: Was:
That Don just stood there and played and sang.. No ~Backing Group – No Heavenly Choirs Just him and his Guitar and He was Just Magic.
Put in:
Crying – Don McClean 3.
That gentle Guy has given ME So much Joy..

And now: Just listen to the Magic way He sings this?
Put in:
And I Love You So – Don McLean 4.15

AND NOW: I feel like I need something Different:
And Yes this is Different.
Put in:
Dire Straight Sailing to Philadelphia 5.29
That is just SO GOOD.
What superb playing by Mark Knopfler. And that is: So Hard to follow..
But see what you think of This?
Put in:
Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video) 3.19
What can You say?? Just MAGIC.

Yes! But What can I follow that with?
IT’s Just Got to be something different!!
Well: I found a girl singing in a Song Competition in Holland.
Put in:
Julia Zahra – Just and Illusion – Beste Zangers 2015.
Oh; I liked Her..
Ok Not really Folk. But well worth listening to.

Then: I stumbled across a sound that I really liked;
By a Group I had not heard of,
BUT it seems that THEY ARE VERY BIG in Holland.
Nice gentle sound.
I really liked them; What did you think?.
’OK let’s have another from them to finish the first RAYS CHAT of 2020.
Put in:
One Way Wind – The Cats 3.40

OK: Not really Folk:
But nice sound
Let us have another from the to end this
First session of 2020.
Put In:
The Cats – Why 3.59

So: We have had a real mix of things for this First of RAYS CHAT of 2020. I hope that you have enjoyed My choices,
And I Hope 2020 will be kind to you.