October 20, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 72

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy TWO

Hi Folks:
Remember: Last time; I found a Caitlin Grey Song..
and said I would be having more of her: Well: Here She is Again;
Put in:
Soul Mate’ performed by Caitlin Grey 4.01
This Lady has the most gorgeous voice. Lovely find for me.
Definitely want to hear more of her. She is Great.

SO: Still October. Sometimes a Rainy month;
And: Maybe has Winds to go with the Rain.
And, there is one Wind song that there are really dozens of recordings to choose from..
OH! So many People recorded this Song..
It was written by John Stewart When He was a member of the KINGSTON TRIO.
It is a GREAT song. AND YES: We should hear the Kingston Trio..
And this is an early recording, So I think John was still a member of the Trio then.
Put in:
Kingston Trio – Chilly Winds 4.06
Yes I am pretty certain that is John Stewarts voice.

October can be a Wind and Rain month.
And here is a nice gentle song by Two People Who have been singing a long time:
Put in:
Donovan & Cystal Gayle – Catch The Wind 2,56
Yes I like that:
Donovan has lasted. I first saw and heard him when He was just 19. He is still singing at the age of 73. And still GREAT.

Now having got into WIND Songs,
I have found you a real ancient Scottish Ballad that tells a sad story:
Put in:
Wind & Rain a Scottish Ballad by Paul & Kim Caudell 2.5
This really is a very ancient song and there are lots of versions for you to trawl thro!
The Americans stole it: and YES there are American versions, if you want to hear How they sing it?

NOW: a Special find for Me. I have loved the Music of the Oldfield family for a very long time Mike, and Terry, did their own special things; and Sally has a lovely voice.
Mike Oldfield gained fame many years ago with “Tubular Bells”:
That was way back in 1973.

And; Terry writes New Age Music that is just So Gentle to listen to. He spends months building Music, playing many Instruments.
Gradually building-up, To end with just MAGIC Music.
If you have never heard the Oldfields, there is Magic there for you. And if you have had a hard day: Just. put this on, and relax.
Try this for starters: Put in:
Mike Oldfield – Celtic Rain 4.36
Did you like that? Did I have to wake you from dozing to that?!!

And Looking for Rain Songs I found this:
Well lots of People have had a go at it.. Even Elvis!!
But I have chosen this version
Put in:
Willie Nelson and Shania Twain – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain 3.11
Yes I like that. The Old Guy has still got Magic!!! I Like THAT.

And really there is one Folk Song about Rain that We Must Have.
Put in:
Peter Paul and Mary – Early Morning Rain (1966) 2.58
Oh Yes: That is just one Great Song. Great Group.
Do you know ‘Who wrote it? Well it was a long time ago, Gordon Lightfoot in 1966
Yes: Peter Paul and Mary really were a new sound..
And other New Groups soon started:
Like the Seekers in Australia. They actually started in the 1960s.
And WOW!! They Were GREAT!
Judith Durham had a gorgeous voice. (Still has, She still sings at Special Events)
I loved her singing a Superb Pete Seeger song: Put in:
The Seekers – Turn,Turn,Turn- Stereo, enhanced Video 3.2
Great song, Great recording. I really like this video and Judith is just at Her VERY BEST!

They really Hit the high spots. Put the radio on in the 60’s, and you would be Most likely to hear a Seekers recording being played. YES: So many Super songs.

Like this in 1966
1967 Was another GREAT Hit for them:

And THEN this song they sang on their Farewell Tour.
Oh!! this song really did have people weeping including Judith herself. My Parents saw them live at a Farewell Concert: and said the whole theatre was in tears.
Put in
The Seekers -The Carnival is Over (1965 –Stereo enhanced Video) 3.07
That Truly Was a Great Farewell Song.

So: Another Rays Chat has somehow come to an End.
I hope I have introduced you to something New.
If you are a folk Oldie; then I will have certainly brought back some Wonderful Memories. The SEEKERS were One of the really Greats, In the Early days of the Folk Revival.
Wonder Where I will wander In the Next RAYS CHAT