October 6, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 71

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy One

Hi Folks; Here We are in October. Falling Leaves all around us.
So; We ought to have an Autumn Song:
And there is one Song that I just MUST have with The Falling Leaves as it’s subject.
YES: I know We have had it before: BUT It is a Great Song.
AND, It is The gorgeous voice of Eva Cassidy:
Put in:
Eva Cassidy – The Falling Leaves 4.11
This really is one of the Greatest Autumn Songs, with Eva’s superb singing.

Then something strange happened. I was searching “October”;
And: The Computer played a Song I had never heard before.
A lovely Gentle Song. Almost Hymn like.. Only short.
But I liked it: so Here it is:
Put in:
Swedish Folk song “with October Gold” 1.29
Only 39 people had viewed this.
So you are Hearing something that’s really New.

Then I found an another October song: I had Never heard before. Although I knew The Band. See how you like it:
Put in.
Incredible String Band – October Song 4.05
Well it was different.
But not sure I would put it on my Play again list.
What did you think?

And NOW: Is a song that I found last year.
That was a new find for me; and I liked it; and I think is well worth having again:
It is a song by Beggar’s Velvet.
Which was a group I did not know. And I really liked: So let’s hear them again:
Put in:
My Lady of Autumn 3.20
YES that’s good. Did it meet with your approval?

Now for: Something New; Well it’s Different; I liked it:
See what YOU think?
Put in:
Autumn Rain Solo Hammered Dolcimer Music By Joshua Messick 4.04

Then I found this: No Nothing to do with Autumn..
But I liked it and there is some GREAT instrumentals going on;
And it IS Folk Songs: So I thought it worth listening to?:
Put in:
American Folk Songbook Medley – Live 5.36
Well that was a change from all the Falling Leaves songs.

And here is another recording That I think You might like:
Ok it is a bit one the long side; But I think you’ll like it
Put in:
Yanni The Rain Must Fall 7.48
Do You agree that was good?

And whilst We are on Not really Folk.. There is another Group that were really GREAT: Remember The Moody Blues?.
Try this: Autumn Song. I think this is well worth listening to:
Put in:
MOODY BLUES/Forever Autumn 4.34
YES: OK: I need; Something Gentle After that.
And in October we will maybe start to get Misty; Foggy days:
And say MISTY, and One Song Comes to my Mind..
Ok not Folk. BUT a real Great Song: Great Voice.
So let’s Have it.
Put in:
Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue 3.28
Yes one of the Really Great Songs of the World.

And now lets have a real Old English Traditional Song.
Strange though: There are not many recordings of this song..
Burl Ives made it Famous: as Foggy Dew.
BUT If you just Put “Foggy Dew” in
You will get lots and lots of the Irish Rebel Song: Foggy Dew.
That is a Different song altogether . Not what I want at all.

BURL IVES – The Foggy. Foggy Dew 2.51
Yes that was a good Old Folk Song you must have heard

AND: I have found Marty Robbins singing that Old English song And He does it quite nicely: Put in:
Marty Robbins Foggy Foggy Dew 2.26

NOW: Do You Remember in RAYS CHAT 64 I found a New gorgeous voice; Lady Singer; and promised you more of her.
Her name is Caitlin Grey: Well here is a fabulous Song from Her Newest Album. I Like it.
Put in:
Ailain Duinn Caitlin Grey The Promise 4.07
Gorgeous Voice!! o Idea what She is singing about:
BUT: WOW!! This is just a Magic voice. Wonderful find For Me. Don’t MISS THIS. I think I will be having more of her!!

And it has reminded me of another lovely voice I promised you I would be wanting to hear again:
Put in:
Isla Grant –Like Leaves in the Wind 3.45

Isla has lots of songs on You Tube –
if you want to hear more of her?
She is just GREAT.
So: We near the end of yet another RAYS CHAT.
I Hope that I have guided you to something new.

See you next time.
I wonder where I’ll wander to: