September 22, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 70!

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Seventy

Here We are well into September, and we have Autumn to look forward to!! When leaves start to fall, Cue for Song?.

BUT: First: Something from the past: to start us off with:
I have found a very ancient 45 rpm Record I thought you might like!!. Put in’
Come September The Famous Song 2.28
OK Not Folk:
But a Great tune that’s got your feet tapping.
Remember the tune?? I had it in RAYS CHAT 69 played on the Sitar?

BUT: Yes, it is time to get back to Folk. And it’s a while since We had Donovan sing: . I first saw him when he was 19.. And He still is singing at 73.
Put in:
Donovan – Catch The Wind 1974 2.37

Yes I guess Wind is something We will start to have to get used to in September. See how you like this:
Put in:
Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video) 3.19
I really liked that:
And: over 13 Million people had viewed it!!
And; another song with Wind in it’s title. I have not heard for a long time: Put in:
Wind in the Willows- Blackmore’s night 4.1

Ok: We are on Wind Songs.. and there is just one song that really hit the mark when it was written.
It was a new breed of Folk Songs that brought the Youth into the Folk Clubs. Oh I am sure that You know it;
BUT: There are Oh So many versions. I have listened to so many and I give you this the original: Put in:
Blowin in The Wind- Bob Dylan 2.47
BUT: Enough of the Windy Songs.

Well Maybe make room for: Just one more as I have found Kate Wolf singing a Wind Song.
Put in:
“The Wind Blows Wild” – Kate Wolf 5.46

SO: Away with Wind Songs. September can still have Sunny days: And I have found some songs out of the History book..
That have SUN in them.
Some of These songs I doubt if any of you have EVER heard:
Try this: Here’s a song to help you remember those Summer Hot Sunny Days. Put in:
A Summer Song Chad and Jeremy 2.40
This was new to me:
No!! I had never heard it before.. a nice Gentle song; and No Wind in it. And whilst We are on Oldies about Sun:
I found this real Blast from the Past which was also another new one to me:
Put in:
The Carter Family – “Keep on The Sunny Side 2.04
Oh The Carter Family !!
More History: They were right at the start of the American Folk revival.

And another real oldie: I found this:
Put in:
We’ll Sing in the Sunshire Gale Garnett 2.57

AND: I remember this NEXT ONE very well. Yes this was a real Hit, It was on the radio oh so many times.. Good song.
Put in:
Terry Jacks – Seasons in The Sun 1974 3.16

Oh!! YES! Glorious Oldies!! And now for the last of my Blasts from the Past. This really was a Great Hit.. Great Record.
OH YES: I was a Walker Brothers fan. So Sad Scot Walker is no more. Just listen one more time to his glorious voice
Put in:
Walker Brothers – The Sun ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore 1965
Super Recording nearly 5 Million had listened to this When I looked.

Oh BUT I have more sunshine songs for you, Put this in:
Laid Back – Sunshine Reggae 4.15
You just Got to Love that sound.

And I have found a RECORD; I had not heard before. YES I know the Group: THE BROTHERS FOUR: They were a big name Group. Sort of rivals to the Kingston Trio.
But I had never heard this Recording.
It starts with:
“Try to Remember”; goes to “Greensleeves”; and then to “Strong Winds”.. BUT: You really MUST keep on listening
And you’ll hear lots more GREAT SONGS.
I Had a Great time listening to this: It’s FUN.. AND GOOD.
It really is a compilation of Great Old Folk Songs.
GREAT RECORD: LIKE a Vocal History of Folk Songs
This is a GREAT find.
And there are songs I had not heard before.. OH Yes: DO; find the time to listen to this recording: It takes nearly three parts of an hour: But it’s worth it. Do Listen.
Put in:

And to finish. A sound of the SUN.. I found this ! Just A guy playing Steels Drums in London. And He is just INCREDIBLE!!.
Put in:
This guy is total MAGIC.

So; We move into October Next time.
I wonder where I’ll wander to NEXT?
I hope you have enjoyed this journey Into the Past.