June 10, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 65


Hi Folks: I have got something Special for you at the END of this Chat!!.
BUT .. Wait for that!!
In Rays Chat SIXTY FOUR I played you a song by Caitlin Grey..

I loved her voice, And I have found a Song by her that I just must LET YOU HEAR: A beautiful Celtic Song;


Caitlin Grey Ailein Duinn 4.08

Superbly sung.

I hope you enjoy the Music that I suggest to you?

And in my roaming the World; I rather like South American Music.

I know we never hear this kind of Folk Music in the Clubs.

But I like The sunny sound of it.. And Hope that YOU will enjoy My Second Choice.. So VERY different from the first one.

There is some Brilliant guitar in this. So: let’s hear Something from South America: Put in:

LA PALOMA Fran’ou Goya 3.40

But is it Folk? You may ask? Well Does it matter??!!

it is a Great Song: And: I have found another gorgeous version: that is just Instrumental. And the video is great: Put in:

La Paloma –The Best Spanish Love Song 3.14

Ok: Let’s get back to Something YOU Do know. I am sure You will remember this; It is a Great Song That just about everybody sang. And Perry Como almost made his own..

BUT: Again: You May say, It’s not Folk!!

But it’s a Great Song. So: I’m putting it in

KRIS KRISTOFFERSON – For The Good Times 2.26.

Ok : Well searching for Something NEW. I’ve found this:

a Lady that I did not know before I heard this: and I like Her.

Do you reckon She is Folk?:

Put in:

Shawn Colvin – “I Don’t Know Why” 3.56

Now THAT Title!! Norah Jones has a song very near the same title. Well We best hear that:

Put In: Nora Jones – Don’t Know Why. 3.12

Which One?!! OHHH!! No Contest as far as I am concerned;

Norah wins every time.

OH Yes. But Then!! I am a Norah Jones fan.

AND: if you are a Norah Jones fan.. I think you will like this one..

Put In:

Norah Jones – Summertime 5.04

Over 15 Million people had viewed that so you-re in good Company.

Now How Do you Follow That??

So Let’s have a change of Mood; and here is a Country Singer; That is New to me:

We have had two Ladies; So time to give a Man a chance.

And He has many songs for you to choose from..

Try this! Put In:

Chris Young – Don’t Close Your Eyes HD 4.15

Yes: New guy to me. See what you think

And still in Country Mood.. There is another Great Guy that can Always hit the high spots.

Put in: Alan Jackson – Remember When 4.27

I know I’ve Had Him sing this before..(in fact it was in RAYS CHAT 56).

But this song just is one of the very BEST… Listen again.

Well I have mixed it up for you this time.

Bit of this and a Bit of that. And NOW: I have told you before that I think that KATE WOLF is one of the VERY BEST Singers I’ve ever heard!! I love her Gentle style. And so I am now going to give you one of Her Finest Songs. Oh truly; this is Superb.

So simply Sung;

It IS Something Special: I just love this:

Put in: Kate Wolf – Green Eyes 5.12

I am sure You must agree that Kate is a Superb singer.

NOW!! How do you follow that?

Well I recon there is only one way to follow that.. And: that is hearing Kate AGAIN. And She has lots of Songs I could listen to with JOY: Oh that Gentle laid back style; She does so perfectly; is My kind of Music..

So: I am choosing Kate singing one of the Best songs I know

There Really is some superb musicianship going on in this recording. It truly is GREAT:

Put in:

Kate Wolf – Carolina Pines 5.38

That is Just MAGIC!! Thank you Kate

We are So. So lucky to have such wonderful songs, superbly sung.. just at the touch of a button.


I have found a real NEW Boy.

His VERY FIRST ALBUM only came out 17th May 2019.

YES a real New Boy;

His name is LEWIS CAPALDI.

He is Scottish and He is just 23.

Put in:

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved (Live from Shepard’s Bush Empire, London. 3.03

I really liked him. NEARLY 3 Million had viewed this

I think he is going to be BIG. Yes I think He will really TAKE OFF.

DO LISTEN and see what YOU think.

I thought him a Bit like Ed Sheeran.

And Do you know Ed Sheeran Has won the BRIT Awards for 2019: That’s twice He won in 2018 as well.

And: It has been a bit of a trip down Memory Lane…

Something Old and Something VERY NEW.

I hope you have enjoyed wandering with Me?

I wonder : Where I will wander next time?