May 26, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 64

It’s RAYS CHAT Sixty Four

Hi Folks:
I think it is time to remember Great Folk Singers from Our side of the Atlantic. And there is One Guy; I don’t think I have ever mentioned; And Maybe You have never heard of him. (As He died in 1987). I am talking about ALEX CAMPBELL.

I was lucky that I saw and heard Alex a number of times.
I rated; him and am Happy that I have one of his Albums:
From which comes the song I choose for you.
Alex was a Glaswegian. Broad Glaswegian, sometimes hard to understand. He learnt his trade the hard way: He busked his way all over Europe .
And If you were lucky enough to see and hear him:
But: I have also seen Alex When He was in a VERY Sad mood.
He came to the Jug one day after he had witnessed a Friend of his (Chris Bonnington)’s little boy drown in a pond.
And I think He had all 400 of us at the Jug Of Punch, in tears.
But: I suppose He had good reason to weep.

THEN THERE WERE TIMES, and I have seen and heard Him,
When He was just MAGIC: Listen to this.. Song.. Ok You Know It.. Everyone has sung it.. Wonderful song.
But somehow Alex was able to make it sound new.
This is Alex at his best: Put In:
Love is is teasin by Alex Campbell. Wmv. 4.17
Lovely lovely version; Just beautifully sung and played; and you have a hard job finding it sung better.

And Here He is singing one of My Personal favourite songs: Put in;
Alex Campbell…Rambling Boy 4.07

Unfortunately, Alex is long gone. And Rambling Boy was written in the 60’s by Tom Paxton. YES: Memories from a long time ago.
That: was a REAL Blast from the Past.
So Let’s Move on, and talk about Newer guys.
Those of you who have been Shirley Folk Club members for many years will have memories of two guys Who very often Closed each Club night.. Remember Barry and Ed?.
And a song they were requested to sing so often was called Eldorado. It was a song I had never heard before I heard Barry sing it, and I searched and could not find it on You Tube, Then.

BUT; Since then: I have found ELDORADO, By a New Singer (to me) IAN BRUCE. SO: YES; I have just Got to have that:
Put in;
Ian Bruce & Stewart Hardy – My Eldorado (Cramlington Folk Club) 7.32
Yes memories of Barry and Ed singing it. Lovely Song.

Ian Bruce has quite a number of songs to his name and I think He is Well worth exploring further:
Try this version of “City of New Orleans”. Put in:
Ian Bruce and Stewart Hardy – The City of New Orleans (Cramlington Folk Club) 5.23
Well I thought He did that quite well.
But My favourite version is Arlo Guthries. And to See how they compare: Put in
ARLO GUTHRIE – City Of New Orleans 4.34.
Now: Here I am talking about American Singers:
And I had started by Saying it was time for some singers from This side the water. So Yes back to England:

And, talking about Ian Bruce and Alex Campbell.
Reminds me of another Scott that came to the “JUG of PUNCH”, about Alex’s time. And that was HAMISH IMLACK.
I found him rather strange. He was another very broad Scots; (Difficult to understand) and He sang a Glasgow song that was very weird:
Put in: Hairy Mary – Hamish Imlach 1.38…
Yes a Very Short Song. Oh Memories, Memories:

And also about the same time We had another Singer come and sing Strange Songs about Women. Put in:
Sister Josephine Jake Thackeray 3.20
Actually Jake was very funny. He had Us All in Great tucks of Laughter! And he got a lot of plays on radio singing strange songs He had written..

Oh Memories!! But as we have said before; We can’t live in Memories. So time to move on.

AND.. I have found a voice I had not heard before; singing a very ancient song. I know the song well as Lorna Campbell used to sing it.. and I adored Lorna’s version.
BUT: Just listen!! it is different and lovely; and OH YES ; this is good.
Put in:
Celtic Song – She Moved Through The Fair – Caitlin 4.18
That is a gorgeous version. WOW!! She has a most lovely voice.
Irish Singer: She has a couple of Albums. Yes well worth exploring MORE.
Remember the name CAITLIN GREY​
That was a Great Find for me. I Want to hear more of Her.

So once more We are nearing the end of another RAYS CHAT. And Maybe you have had a tough day at the office.
Well put on this Gentle Chinese Music I have found for you.
Ok; maybe it s not the usual kind of Folk Song..
But I found this just So Gentle and Relaxing,
and the Video is Good.
Just lie back and relax and listen to this Gentle Chinese Music.
Put in:
Love Song Beautiful Chinese Song 4.53

That is a gorgeous find for me. Hope you liked it?
So: We have had: Something Old, and Something New:
And: It has been a bit of a trip down Memory Lane…