April 23, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 62

Hi Folks.
Great Night: 19th April GOOD FRIDAY.. All those Great Old songs brought to life AGAIN!! It was like RAYS CHAT brought to life.

So: We have got to EASTER time. And here I have found you an EASTER SONG. Put in:
“Easter Song” by Jess Ray 3.35

Yes Easter is here and We all hope for some SUN: And I guess many of us will be hoping to be out in the Garden.. So lets have a Garden Song: Put in:
Loreena McKenitt Down by the Sally Gardens 5.40

Well Yes: that’s cheating.. as the Sally Gardens is in fact a pub.
But I do like Loreena McKenitt; So that’s my excuse.
I found her many years ago. And YES that and the Great Folk Club Night Friday, makes me feel I should be looking at some of my Archive Stuff.
AND: YES: I found a Great song written by Ian Tyson..
When he was young He was working in the Rodeo.. and that’s what this song is about.

This recording is an early one; Sung by Ian and his wife; Put in.
Ian and Silvia Tyson – Someday Soon 2.20
OK: Not a Great version.. But it is VERY Early.
There are LOTS of versions: Like this: Put in.
Someday Soon Moe Bandy. 1982 3.06
Lots of Ladies have sung it: if you want to do some trawlin.
I love Judy Collins singing it.

And whilst we are way back in those Early Days; there is one song that sort of was like the Anthem for we youngsters.. and it sort of started a New Age: OUR AGE..
Oh I remember this song SO well.. We loved it. Put in:
San Francisco – Scott McKenzie 3.30
Wonderful Song: and I still Love it. Oh SO Many Memories.
It Changed The Music in the Clubs.
Suddenly It was a time for Youth.
And the Folk Scene really took off. Clubs springing-up Everywhere filled with Us Youngsters.
Yes it was OUR song. AND: We did believe that Love could be an end to WAR… If you check-it-out on YouTube, you will be amazed at just HOW Many versions there are of this song;
And: Just Who had a go at it.. Frank Sinatra, The Mommas and Poppas and even Petula Clarke. (No not suggesting you listen to that one). It really was.. And: Well still is.. a Fantastic Song.

YES: Way back in The 60’s : 70’s, there were New YOUNG people coming on the Scene: People like Tom Paxton.
Singing NEW sorts of songs. Wonderful songs Like Ramblin Boy.
(Still a number ONE for Me)
What a joy Tom was, and still is.
He wrote the songs; and NO ONE sang them better than Tom himself.
Just listen to his early recording of this song.. Put in:
Tom Paxton – Last Thing On My Mind (1966) 3.49
This was; and still is one of my most favourite songs.
Tom Still sounds Great after all these years, and He is still singing at 82.

And some of our home grown guys were singing their own NEW songs. People like Donovan. I remember him coming to the JUG OF PUNCH. He looked So young; But We loved him,
and He sang this: A song He wrote. In his early days.
Put in: Donovan: Colours live in 1965 (Excellent Quality) 1.55
It was NEW sort of Song. WE loved it. And He is still singing today at 73.

But that was all a long time ago: AND: We can’t live I the past. SO: Who are Todays Singers?;
Well in my searches; one of the newer guys that features quite a lot is An Indie Singer; Xavier Rudd. So I searched and found this: Put in
If you choose the 4.19 video it has some good nature shots.
I quite liked this. I wonder did you like it?

So still sticking with the new Guys: I found this one..
Definitely Different: You Got to watch the video Put in:
Mumford & Sons – Hopeless Wanderer 5.11
Well? What did you think?? No: NOT FOR ME.

OK: Enough about the “Oldies”. Let me find something NEW: But something less destructive than the last newbie!!

So relax with this; It is nice and Gentle: Put in.
CAROLINA IN MY MIND by Allison Krauss Jerry Douglas 2.13
Yes; I liked that. Nice Gentle song and there is some great instrument playing there.

And now for a tear jerker: Yes; I found this song I had not heard before. I told you before I do like Alan Jackson.
I searched his songs and found this: Put in.
Alan Jackson –Blue Ridge Mountain Song 5.9
WOW!! Well I told you it was a tear jerker’

Now for something Very Different: I don’t understand a word; But put this in:
“Fear A’ Bhata” – CAPERCAILLE 3.38
A very beautiful sound. I loved it; Even though I have no Idea what it is about. But then: Capercaille do some Great Songs.. if you want to trawl for them.

NOW! For a real Great Lady Singer: Kate Wolf.
Yes I have mentioned her before: And I promised More of her
Well I think you might like this song sung by her?
Put in Kate Wolf – The Rising of The Moon 5.02
Yes: I think She is a Great Singer.

So we have had something Old; YES: Lovely to hear those Oldies sung again. And: Something New
Nice Chatting to you.