April 10, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 61

Hi Folks
I am sad: I heard the news that Scott Walker had died.
He was one of my favourites in my younger days.
If you liked his voice perhaps you might want to hear it once again Put in:
Scott Walker – Joanna 3.49
But: We must move on. And here we are; in SPRING. Yes March 20 is officially start of Spring. So, We must have a Spring Song:
Put in:
An Irish Folk Song –The Rambles of Spring 3.05
Sadly there is no name for this Group (they are good).

One of the Older Groups I have not talked about before is FAIRPORT CONVENTION.. Do you Know They started in 1969. WOW!!! Yes Really.. 53 year!!! And they are still going strong.
And I have found their VERY FIRST ALBUM from 1969:
Called “HEYDAY” ; and on that they played their version of the great Bob Dillon Song “Suzanne”: Put in;
Fairport Convention “Suzanne” 5.90

And now let us have one of their own songs: Put In;
Who knows where the time Goes – Fairport Convention 5.10
Still sounds great. And Sandy Deny does a great job on vocals.
Thanks for all the good times Guys Enjoy that tour.

And Now: Searching The World for Something New;
Something that just catches my ear: Like this: Put in;
The Avett Brothers – Morning Song 4.16
Not sure I would want much of them; But nice sound.
Do you like them? Want to try another?? Put in
The Avett Brothers – November Blue (Live) 6.05
Well certainly different. And: lots of people have listened to Them.
YES; It is difficult to follow that. SO: Let’s go completely different: A nice Gentle Song sung by two Very famous Ladies;
Put in:
Emmylou Harris Mary Black The Green Rolling Hills 3.34
Oh Yes: a lovely gentle duo. I quite like this mix of
Emmylou, (Who is more Country) and Mary Black who is Folk.
Let’s keep the mood: Put in;
Across The Border – Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young 6.16
That’s Nice: BUT time to Change the mood:

And I have found a British Folk Group that I rather like; new to me: See how You like them? Put in:
Nicholas and the Iceni – Caroline’s Song 3.57
Yes I like that; But I can’t find anything about them:
It is different to have the piano featuring so strong in a Folk Song.

SO: We’ve had Something Old and Something New.
NOW: Lets go for something Different.
We haven’t had a Sea Shanty for a long time, So Put In:
Black Irish Band – Dark Ocean 3.10
Oh Yes: Nice Lusty Song with a good Chorus.. Nice Sound.
This is the Working sort of Shanty.
Those Sails were Very heavy, and if wet!! Damned Heavy..
So the Shanty was to make sure all the hands pulled together.
But then: in relax time; they would sing songs to relax to or maybe jig to: like; Put in
The Dubliners – The Black Velvet Band 3.15
That must be one of THE most sung Folk Songs ever.
If you just put in BLACK VELVET BAND you will get OH So Many versions. But you will have a job to beat this one.
But one thing is certain. It is Old.

So: Whilst: We are into The Real Ancient stuff:
Let us investigate that very strange: Very Ancient English Morris Dancing. These go way back in history;
I have found a wonderful collection of Morris Dancing.
Morris Dancing is Very Old. They were certainly being danced in Medieval times. Maybe they were to do with “Magic” Some believe so!!
This collection: is a superb collection of Different Dances:
And Dancers, and COSTUMES. I certainly have NEVER seen most of the costumes worn by these Dancers.
And the variety of the actual Dances is truly amazing!!
Ok you will have over Seven minutes of your time taken ..
But it is WELL worth spending that time.
YES GO FOR IT. Put in:
St. George’s Day Morris Dancing 7.20
Well that was really Special. Bet you’ve NEVER seen most of those Dances?

Hard to follow that!! But in RAYS CHAT Fifty Six I introduced you to Kate Wolf and said that I would be playing more of her.
Well I recon it’s about time I made that happen. I really like her. And the song I have chosen was also made Big by the Carpenters.
Put In:
Kate Wolf – Close To you 5.59
I really liked this.. Lovely Voice. Beautiful Song.

We are near the end again: I have talked before about Duo called the Fureys; My VERY favourite Guys. They played all over the World and won very many awards. Then they retired.
And then: Finbar Furey started off singing Solo:
YES: at the age of 72.
He is brilliant. Just listen to a Great Folk Artist. Put in:
Finbar Furey performs Sweet Sixteen [The Late Show] RTF 2.42
WOW!! He plays banjo brilliantly, Guitar and Irish Pipes. Truly a Very Great Folk Performer. A truly GREAT performer wish I had seen him live!

I hope you have enjoyed our searching of the Web
So till next time. Nice Chatting to you.