March 3, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 59

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Nine

REMEMBER; Every Song I mention is available on “YOU TUBE” for you to listen to. Just Put in the Title I give you.

We are now settled in Our New Folk Club Home..
So How about something NEW to start this RAYS CHAT.
And we Have not had any indie music for a while.
So here is a Brand New indie song. Written 2019. Put in:

SO: There you have Something New: and NOW time for something Old: There is an Irish Lady that has been singing for many years; Her name is Mary Black. And strangely I have hardly mentioned her before. Although She has been one of my favourite singers for many a year.
I must remedy that as She really is quite famous:
So: Let’s start with a lovely gentle song that She sings so beautifully: Put in;
Mary Black – Dimming of the Day 3.30
I think you will have to search long and hard to find it sung better than that. Yes a Great Singer and lovely song.

So, that’s an Oldie!!. Only fair we now have a Newbie: Remember: a While ago; I gave you Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli. That was an amazing duo.
So: See if the Magic works with another one from Ed Sheeran? Put in:
Eric Clapton with Ed Sheeran – I Will Be There 4.40
Well!! Did you think that worked??
There you are: We have had something Old, and Something New… And Now; I am going to give you something positively ANCIENT.
It is one of the GREATS. From The early days of the American Depression. Lots of people have recorded the song: But my choice is this: Put In:
Arlo Guthrie – Hobo’s Lullaby 4.08
He sings this so beautifully: And the backing is so good.
This really is What Folk Songs should be like.
Definitely One of My Favourites.
Superb Song: Shame We don’t hear that in the Clubs these days.

Ok. Good Song: BUT: There is No living in the past..
So let me search for something New:
Well see how you like this?
Put In: Fergus Hambleton – She’s Gone Away 3.01
Yes: Well Pleasant enough..
But wouldn’t say Great. What did you think?

Ok that was a New Guy:
So NOW: Let’s have a New Lady singing another indie Folk Song. Put in:
Jadea Kelly – Wild West Rain 4.06
That sounded nice and gentle!!
But; Pretty well same comment.. Nothing to fall out with;
But: It won’t be on my Favourites list, I am afraid:

Then, Searching: I found a song, I had never heard before, sung by an Irish Lady that is new to me.
Her name is Annmarie O’Riodan; and I have to say I like her a lot.
I am quite surprised I had not heard her before as She has quite a few recordings.
She is singing a song from the ~ Depression time in ‘30s.
Put in: HARD TIMES 2.58
OH!! I really like her voice.
Yes nice new find for me.
And I think I am going to have another song from her.
Yes I really liked that: And the video is a real trip down Memory Lane. I will remember Her
But away with the days of Depression.

I have found a lovely Gentle Song for you to relax to.
This is just so beautifully performed: So Gentle. Put In:
LP –Down in The Valley 3.53
I must look out for this “LP.” It is a Lady I have Never heard of before; She really is good
That really is a well known song and There are lots of different version of that song..
just try trawlin, and you will have some Happy hours.

Now: Still Keeping the gentle mood: Another Lady I have recently found: YES: She is new to me and I like Her: Put in:
Anna Ternheim – Goodbye (Live pa Polar Prize 2015) 4.04
Did you find that to your liking? I Liked Her.. yes I would be happy to hear more of her.

SO!! How do you follow that.? Well try this:
Put in: One Love (Planning For Change) Song Around The World 5.07 That is So Good. I hope that you Enjoyed that?.

And to finish. I have had a song in my mind for the last few days: keeps coming back.. and so I think I must Share I with you
Put in ENYA –If I Could Be Where You Are 4.03

They are on tour to Celebrate FIFTY YEARS…
So: I have run out of space.
More about Steeleye Span next time

Another Rays Chat has come to the end.
I have found you some Great Songs, that I hope that YOU will enjoy listening to. Nice Chatting to you.