February 18, 2019 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 58

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Eight

How Do You like OUR NEW HOME?.
THE SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB rises anew from Loss of it’s Red Lion Home; and Maybe Fate had a hand? We Hated having to turn people away.. Now We can take more of you.

In Chat 57: I reminded you that 2019 is when JOAN BAEZ is On Her Farewell Tour before retiring. And So, I think We should maybe spend a little time thinking of this Great Lady.

JOAN BAEZ was Born January 9th 1941
Her Mother was of Scots decent; and Her Father Mexican.

Joan began singing when She was quite young:
And: She recorded “WATER BOY” in 1957:
When She was only Sixteen., Put in.
Water Boy – Joan Baez 2.53
WOW!! I think it is a real great song.
So; at Sixteen She was already showing She had a fabulous Singing Voice, and Great singing Style.

Then in 1958; at just seventeen;
She performed Her first BIG CONCERT.
And at 18 She Performed at the Famous NEWPORT FESTIVAL. And just Nineteen She recorded “SILVER DAGGER”..
This got Her well known: Put in:
Joan Baez – Silver Dagger. 2.30
Incidentally: This Song has a great History. There are many versions.
Some Versions dating way back in History.
(if you look it up –Cecil Sharpe had a version He collected in 1908.)

True: It was the Protest Songs that got Joan Baez well known
AND: It was on the PROTEST MARCH in March 1963;
She really Hit the High Spots:
When She sang this Song: Put In:
Joan Baez performs “We Shall Overcome” at
The March on Washington 1.37

It became The Protest Anthem.

Then came: The real BIG ONE.
She made Her recording of the Pete Seeger Song
This song really hit the high spots;
And Oh So Many People recorded it.
Look it Up and you will be Amazed at Just Who sung it.

BUT: Perhaps: It is Her Gentleness that makes Her Protest Songs so appealing?.
There is a song, written at the Atom Bomb time.
That made a VERY Big impression on Me: Put In
JOAN BAEZ – What Have They Done To The Rain 2.57
I think this is one of Her Very Best Songs, and Joan sings it so perfectly.

BUT: Don’t think for one moment that Joan only sang PROTEST SONGs:
No No. For instance She made a Big name with this one: Put in:
Joan Baez – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 3.08
And: If you look down the list of the Songs She has Sung..
it is like looking at every Folk Song You ever knew.
AND not only FOLK SONGS:

Just listen to this next one I am going to Give You.

She sings a Classic Aria against 8 Cellos: Put in.
BACHIANAS NO5 Heitor VILLA LOBOS – Joan Baez Ok It takes over 6 minutes. But it is like Nothing you have heard before.

AND BOY!!!!!!
They made some GREAT MUSIC together:
Put In
JOAN BAEZ – SINGS WITH DYLAN 1963 – 1982. 11.48
What a Duo: Here: They sing a collection of songs:
And I am sure there are lots of Songs listed here that you never have heard of before.

But: FOR ME; it was Joan singing Gentle Songs I liked most.
Just listen to Joan Baez singing, another Dylan Song, Put In.
JOAN Baez – Diamonds and Rust 4.47
I think – This is, Both Bob Dylan and Joan, at their Best;
And, So Different to Bob Dylans later Protest Songs

Then in 1968; Joan recorded a lovely song that was very different from Her Protest Songs. Put In,
Joan Baez: Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands 11.32.
A lovely ‘~Gentle Song: and much longer than most Folk Songs.

And: Another; That became a VERY BIG Hit. Was Guantanamera. This was VERY popular and got sung by lots of People.
Put In:
Joan Baez – Guantanamera (HQ) 3.54
There are lots of great photos of Joan with this one.

And NOW: We are nearing the end of this Rays Chat,
I think We should end with something from
Her Farewell Tour of the World.

Yes at the age of 78; Here, She is Singing, what is maybe Bob Dylans Greatest Ever Song: Put In:
JOAN BAEZ – Times are changing – Live on “Fare Thee Well” Tour 2018. 3.23

Thanks Joan: For So Many Wonderful songs you have sung
May you Stay, Like Your Song, FOREVER YOUNG. Put In:

Joan Baez – Forever Young – Live 2016. 3.29

Nice Chatting to you.