Ray’s chat 58

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Fifty Eight

How Do You like OUR NEW HOME?.
THE SHIRLEY FOLK CLUB rises anew from Loss of it’s Red Lion Home; and Maybe Fate had a hand? We Hated having to turn people away.. Now We can take more of you.

In Chat 57: I reminded you that 2019 is when JOAN BAEZ is On Her Farewell Tour before retiring. And So, I think We should maybe spend a little time thinking of this Great Lady.

JOAN BAEZ was Born January 9th 1941
Her Mother was of Scots decent; and Her Father Mexican.

Joan began singing when She was quite young:
And: She recorded “WATER BOY” in 1957:
When She was only Sixteen., Put in.
Water Boy – Joan Baez 2.53
WOW!! I think it is a real great song.
So; at Sixteen She was already showing She had a fabulous Singing Voice, and Great singing Style.

Then in 1958; at just seventeen;
She performed Her first BIG CONCERT.
And at 18 She Performed at the Famous NEWPORT FESTIVAL. And just Nineteen She recorded “SILVER DAGGER”..
This got Her well known: Put in:
Joan Baez – Silver Dagger. 2.30
Incidentally: This Song has a great History. There are many versions.
Some Versions dating way back in History.
(if you look it up –Cecil Sharpe had a version He collected in 1908.)

True: It was the Protest Songs that got Joan Baez well known
AND: It was on the PROTEST MARCH in March 1963;
She really Hit the High Spots:
When She sang this Song: Put In:
Joan Baez performs “We Shall Overcome” at
The March on Washington 1.37

It became The Protest Anthem.

Then came: The real BIG ONE.
She made Her recording of the Pete Seeger Song
This song really hit the high spots;
And Oh So Many People recorded it.
Look it Up and you will be Amazed at Just Who sung it.

BUT: Perhaps: It is Her Gentleness that makes Her Protest Songs so appealing?.
There is a song, written at the Atom Bomb time.
That made a VERY Big impression on Me: Put In
JOAN BAEZ – What Have They Done To The Rain 2.57
I think this is one of Her Very Best Songs, and Joan sings it so perfectly.

BUT: Don’t think for one moment that Joan only sang PROTEST SONGs:
No No. For instance She made a Big name with this one: Put in:
Joan Baez – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 3.08
And: If you look down the list of the Songs She has Sung..
it is like looking at every Folk Song You ever knew.
AND not only FOLK SONGS:

Just listen to this next one I am going to Give You.

She sings a Classic Aria against 8 Cellos: Put in.
BACHIANAS NO5 Heitor VILLA LOBOS – Joan Baez Ok It takes over 6 minutes. But it is like Nothing you have heard before.

AND BOY!!!!!!
They made some GREAT MUSIC together:
Put In
JOAN BAEZ – SINGS WITH DYLAN 1963 – 1982. 11.48
What a Duo: Here: They sing a collection of songs:
And I am sure there are lots of Songs listed here that you never have heard of before.

But: FOR ME; it was Joan singing Gentle Songs I liked most.
Just listen to Joan Baez singing, another Dylan Song, Put In.
JOAN Baez – Diamonds and Rust 4.47
I think – This is, Both Bob Dylan and Joan, at their Best;
And, So Different to Bob Dylans later Protest Songs

Then in 1968; Joan recorded a lovely song that was very different from Her Protest Songs. Put In,
Joan Baez: Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands 11.32.
A lovely ‘~Gentle Song: and much longer than most Folk Songs.

And: Another; That became a VERY BIG Hit. Was Guantanamera. This was VERY popular and got sung by lots of People.
Put In:
Joan Baez – Guantanamera (HQ) 3.54
There are lots of great photos of Joan with this one.

And NOW: We are nearing the end of this Rays Chat,
I think We should end with something from
Her Farewell Tour of the World.

Yes at the age of 78; Here, She is Singing, what is maybe Bob Dylans Greatest Ever Song: Put In:
JOAN BAEZ – Times are changing – Live on “Fare Thee Well” Tour 2018. 3.23

Thanks Joan: For So Many Wonderful songs you have sung
May you Stay, Like Your Song, FOREVER YOUNG. Put In:

Joan Baez – Forever Young – Live 2016. 3.29

Nice Chatting to you.