June 3, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 44

Hi Folks
It’s RAYS CHAT Forty Four

We have chatted about Women Folk Singers in the last few
RAYS CHATS. And NOW it is TIME TO CONSIDER SOME MEN Singers: And we have plenty to choose from:

If you research Early Folk;
A name you will keep coming-up with is DOC WATSON.
Doc Watson was a legendary performer Who blended his traditional musical roots with Bluegrass, Country, Gospel and Blues; to create a unique sound.
He was not really FOLK;
BUT; He influenced SO many Folk Guys.
And Here I have found him singing a Fast Old Song.
Put in: DOC WATSON “New River Train”
BOY!! That is SO FAST!! How can fingers move like that??
There are some nice Video Pics here as well.
Doc Watson was a Very Big influence on very many Folk Artists, including Pete Seeger.

Pete Seeger was an absolute TOP GUY:
He was born in 1919, and was a real BIG on the Folk Scene:
Dying in 2014 at the age of 95.
As a young man He was a strongly influenced by the SPANISH
He was a member of the ALMANAC SINGERS at that time and
They sang a Spanish Civil War Song: Put in:
VIVA la Quince Brigada 1943 2.48
Indeed: His Politics Got Pete into a lot of trouble with the USA Authorities;
He was very much into THE PROTEST PERIOD.
and He was banned from Playing in USA for a while.

Pete was a VERY accomplished Musician;
He Played Banjo, Guitar. 12 string Guitar. Tin Whistle. Mandolin AND Ukelele; WOW!!

In 1948; He became a member of THE WEAVERS.
The were One of the Most influential Folk Groups of that time. They really were the start of the Folk Revival.
Members of the band were: Lee Hayes; Ronnie Gilbert: Fred Hellerman and Pete Seeger.
They were the Best Folk Group of that time and many of their songs you will still know: TOP OF OLD SMOKEY. KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE. And One of the Greatest Folk Songs ever
I have found a real Historical recording, where they tell you the
History of “Irene”; Put in:
The Weavers – Goodnight Irene 3.10
Yes: A Great song and Lots of People sang it:
And Here in England in the 60’s;
Ian Campbell chose it for the Last Song for his famous JUG OF PUNCH FOLK CLUB.
YES: Over 400 of us would Sing Our Hearts Out Singing IRENE
as each week the Club Night Ended. Oh What Memories!!

Pete then left THE WEAVERS to make his own was as a Solo Artist. And He wrote one of his very best songs.
And I have found this Put in: TURN, TURN, TURN – Sings Young Pete Seeger 3.09
This lovely song was recorded by very many people.
There is a great version by Judy Collins.

And even the Rock Group THE BYRDS sang it;
and Actually it is Quite Good; and the Video is quite worth watching. Put in:
The Byrds – Turn,Turn,Turn 3.52

And whilst chatting about “Not Really Folk”.
There was another Group that did well with some Folk Songs:
And I am talking about “THE SANDPIPERS”. Good Group. Listen to this: Put in:
“GUANTANANAMERA” (Hit of 1966) – The Sandpipers 3.06 Everybody was singing it.. Great song.
BUT OK Not Folk.

There are three Great Folk singers of the 60’s who made VERY BIG names on the Folk Scene. Three names We must NOT forget

So to BOB DYLAN. He wrote over 500 songs;
So which do I choose??
An early one that made a big hit in the Clubs; was
Truly Great Song. It made a BIG mark in the Clubs
And another of Bob Dylans Super Songs was a real Big Hit.
Put in
Bob Dylan- Don’t Think Twice it’s all right 3.39
Peter Paul and Mary made this one of their Real Big HITS.

So: to Phil Ochs. He had Great potential But Died Age 37;
But he had already written a Truly Great Song: Put in;
Superb song and very many People sang it.

And to THE GREAT TOM PAXTON. Still singing at 80.
Probably the GREATEST Living FOLK SINGER.
He has written well over 300 songs. SO: How do I choose??
Well RAMBLIN BOY is MY Top favourite.
But we have had that before;
So lets have this one: Put in:

Yes a Great Song, and lots of other Folk Singers have sung this song; Oh So many have sung it: Joan Baez; Neil diamond: and even Ronan Keating.. Yes he sang it.
And in fact THE SEEKERS made a very good recording of it.

And here we are
At the End of another
Rays Chat
Till Next time: Ray