May 5, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 42

Hi Folks

In RAYS CHAT FORTY and FORTY ONE; I chatted about Two Very Famous Women Folk Singers:
In CHAT Forty, I chatted, about Mary Travers of PETER, PAUL, and MARY fame.
Then in Chat Forty One; We got to talk about
the Great Joan Baez.
And that has got me thinking about other famous women
Folk Singers. That maybe we should talk about!
And there is one…Who was singing way back in the 60’s; and still is singing.. I am talking about JULIE FELIX.

In RAYS CHAT Twenty Four; I did talk about her singing of the PLANE CRASH AT LOS GATOS. But I have not really talked about her since. So here goes More about JULIE FELIX.

Like Joan Baez: She started singing quite young,
and is still singing today.
Which makes her another of the Singers with the longest careers. And is one of the Greatest Women Folk Singers, still singing.

So let’s talk about JULI FELIX.
She was born in 1938,
So, that makes her 80 in January 2018.
Yes She is two years older than Joan Baez.
She was born in USA. Graduated in1956;
And moved to UK later in that year.
She started singing; And got a recording contract with DECCA Records.
Her first album was released in 1964, and was just called
JULIE FELIX. It was an excellent album with many superb tracks

One of the tracks on that Album was, The Ian Tyson Song, “Someday Soon”, which became a hit by lots of People.
Yes this is a Great Song. Ian and Sylvia made a great album with that song on it. But let’s hear Julie:
Put in: Julie Felix Someday Soon 2.45
Yes: Julie did a good job on it
But to me: the real BIG SONG on that LP was GUANTANAMERA.

Guantanamera is a Superb song sung by; Oh So Many different artists. But I reckon; Julies verson was one of the VERY Best of the bunch.
Put in: Guantanamera JULIE FELIX SONGS
Yes: I know!! IT SHOWS it takes 12.51. Mins.
BUT NO!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN THAT LONG if you don’t want to.. It’s that long because it has got more than just one Song..
If you DO leave it running it will go on to The BOB DYLAN Song
Actually if you’ve got 12 minutes; this is WELL WORTH watching and listening to the whole lot.

This is a really Great Version. Of GUANTANAMERA.
Do listen.. Nice pictures as well.
Julie sang GUANTANAMERA Superbly;
and It was a big hit. It was played on the radio very many times. By Oh so Many different people.
BUT it was the one that got Julie noticed.

The First Album I bought of Julies ,is called “THE WORLD OF JULIE FELIX” a DECCA label: that was in 1969..
The strange thing is THAT Record IS NOT LISTED in the official listing of her recordings on Wilipedia??

But it is on THAT Album that I have the song PLANE CRASH AT LOS GATOS.
Which I talked about on RAYS CHAT TWENTY FOUR
It was about a Plane Crash in 1948. That killed 28 people
AND: It was reported in the PRESS as just DEPORTEES:
No names. Just Deportees;
They were Mexican Peasants that had Been Working the crops;
and they were on the way home.
No names.. Just Deportees.
Woody Guthrie, wrote the Song about it:
calling It DEPORTEES.
It made a tremendous impression on lots of Folk Singers..
Yes lots sang it. There are Lots on You Tube if you search.:

But Julie Felix was the first I ever heard sing it.
This TRUE story really moved me, and STILL DOES.
This to me is a REAL FOLK song telling the story of a true
happening. If you missed RAYS CHAT TWENTY FOUR…
It really is worth listening to!
Listen now. Julie sings it superbly
Put in:
This is what Folk songs are all about telling of true Happenings.

And talking of Planes.
Julie also sang that superb Gordon Lightfoot Song:
Put in: Julie Felix – Early Morning Rain 2.57
Ok: Some very nice guitar work there.
But I must admit that I do prefer Gordon singing his own song.

This next choice is, I think, one of Julies Very Best songs.
Yes: I THINK THAT JULIE does sing this Better than
anyone else. YES Great Recording.
This is Julie singing at her best

And look we are getting near the end of yet another Rays Chat.

BUT: I have saved this special song for our final song.
Yes a superb Folk Song. I hope you like it.
Here is an Older Julie Felix singing that gorgeous song:
By Ewan McColl. Julie sings it so well.
Put in: Julie Felix – Dirty Old Town 3.20

Ok Here we are
At the end of another
Rays Chat
Till next time.
​​ RAY