March 3, 2018 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 39

Hi Folks
I missed you all at the Folk Club during the last few meetings.
I had a break, Away in the Spanish Sun. and Unfortunately came back with a real bad “Bug” which put in me in be for 3 days.
But I am on the pill and hope to be back to my usual self soon

And now I am back and feel I should give you some of the feeling of the Music of Spain.
And; Perhaps we should talk about some Spanish Folk Music.
They have very many traditional songs and maybe I can find a few that you will enjoy:

Try this: Put in; Filipino Spanish Folk Song 1.59
YES I know. It is A bit on the short side;
BUT you have to agree that is a rather Good Start to RAYS CHAT??
It is real Sunshine Music. It Really gets you going!!.
Yes I liked that a lot. Well play it again

Oh Yes a real nice Start, and now try this: A song you will probably know:
But this version is, OH so Well sung I love it:
Sort of gives a new sound to the song. Put in;
I loved this version.
Esthers beautiful voice brings a new feel To the song.
YES this is well worth listening to.
Very good version. A nice new find for Me.

But if you want another version that is Magic..
try the Simon & Garfunkle version..
YES: So Good. So hard to choose.

Are you liking Spanish Music?
Well I have lots more for you:

Try this Spanish Traditional Song: Put in:
Some sources say this is actually a Mexican Song.
Well I like it wherever it comes from..
Sort of Party feel.
You can’t feel miserable hearing that gorgeous sunny music.

And now you are maybe thinking..
You haven’t even heard a Spanish Guitar!! ??
The problem is: There are hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous recordings to choose from..
YES go look pages of them; and I am finding it VERY hard to decide!!
OH Well try this for a start
Put in: Romantic Spanish Guitar – Amazing Flamenco Music from Spain it goes on for over 2 hours… So you will have to decide when to STOP

Or maybe this is more to your liking:
This goes on for over 3 hours.. so you have to decide when enough is enough.
But both are VERY Good.

Spain has lot of Festivals, many of them are Religious Festivals.
and sometimes there are traditional Street Dances.
Just A few years ago I was in Barcelona and this happened:
Put in: Traditional Sardana dance in Barcelona

It is quite strange: people are doing their usual thing, maybe shopping. THEN Sardana Music starts and Shoppers pile their shopping in the middle of the circle and this strange dancing begins. All doing the same steps.
Everyone gets involved.. Yes Me as well
Superb Atmosphere.. Everyone just enjoying this strange dance. Wonderful traditions. Like a Big Party!!
JUST MAGIC.. But; All VERY Serious.. this is a;; VERY Traditional stuff and Everyone treats it with a kind of reverence:
Then the music stops;
and people pick-up their shopping: and everyone goes on their way. Like NOTHING HAD HAPPENED!!
FANTASTIC atmosphere. Wonderful City Barcelona.
And: Sometimes you will see groups all in costume doing this Sardana dance. All very elegant.

And you may well see and hear Street Singers,
such as this guy: Put in:
Street Music (Spanish Folk) No 1, 5.03

Sometimes these street players are real talented guys.
One time in Barcelona I stopped to listen to a guy playing his guitar.
I knew the Folk Song he was playing.. and bought a CD from him. When I read the booklet inside: I found He had won Very high Awards, and was a World Famous Guitar player.
So you don’t always know who you are listening to.
I have bought quite a few CDs from street player over the years.

One time in Portugal walking with some friends I heard a MAGIC sound.. and said I GOT to Hear this:
I had never heard such magic tones from a guitar.
It was Norbert Langensiepen:
I bought 2 CDs and they are still some of my VERY favourite Special Music.
Just listen to the magic of this guy:
Unfortunately he died in September 2005; which makes my two CDs all the more precious.
So: We come to the
End of another
I hope that I have brought
You some Gentle Listening!
Nice chatting to You