July 23, 2017 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 25

Shirley Folk at the Red Lion

Hi Folks

The 1960’s was the real BIG time for the Folk Groups.
And there were some REALLY excellent Folk Clubs around.
At one time I was member of Three and dropped in on others
when I could find time.

BUT: Ian Campbells THE JUG OF PUNCH was “THE BEST”
Folk Club Anywhere in the World Having more than 400 of us
meet every Thursday at the back room in the Old Digbeth
Institute. Sometimes; So many came they couldn’t get everyone
in.. I was lucky I always got in..
My Sister and I got to be one of JANES GROUP. Jane always got
there early and “Bagged” seats.” Janes lot” had the front row;
So I was first seat from the aisle on second Row. GREAT seat.
Thursday Night really was NOT TO BE MISSED. It was ALWAYS a
Great Night. Best Night of the week JUG OF PUNCH Night.
And what fantastic Memories I have of those wonderful days.
When I knew Ian, and Lorna, and Betty their Mother. Oh
what superb days those were.

And I have a REAL WONDERFUL FIND. Which will give you
just a Hint of those wonderful days
YES: I have found a wonderful live recording of the Group
performing at “The Jug”’ Only black & white, but a live recording
from the 60’s. WOW!! How Great is that!
Yes from the early days. When Dave Swarbrick was a member of
the Group. (before he went off to Fairport).
Oh this is real History Magic stuff:

YES what memories it brought back to me of those Wonderful
Days. MAGIC. Ok it is a bit long being a little over 18 minutes..
But it really is a MUST see/hear. Put in:
No the 1816 is NOT when it was recorded ,HaHa.

In the 60’s; The Ian Campbell Group were becoming very well
known. And In 1964 Ian was asked to write songs for a
Television programme about Coalmining,
For which he wrote CANNY LAD THE MINER;
Which appeared on their LP, COALDUST BALLADS.

You can listen to this on You Tube; Put in:
Ian was a superb writer as well as singer.

The Group made quite a number of recordings during the 1960’s
In fact I have EIGHT LP’s of theirs in my collection and I also
Have a couple of Eps Unfortunately not many of the Groups songs
Are available on YouTube.

BUT: One song that is available that Ian sang was going back to
War days; Ian sings it with great feeling.
In fact I think it really is One of his very best recordings.
And it is on YOU TUBE.
The story is that during the later stages of the war
a famous personality called Lady Astor was reputed
to have said the Army in Italy were on an Easy trip.
Whereas in fact they were being torn to shreds by
the Germans. The troops were in fact having a HELL of
a time out there.
A soldier wrote this to the tune of Lilli Marlene.
Put in:

I think this is one of the finest recordings Ian ever made;
it is so beautifully sung.
I think it shows what a GREAT performer Ian was.
Oh DO make time to listen to this:
It is a truly superbly Sung recording; telling of an
Almost forgotten time in History.
Ian Campbell at his VERY best.
Yes Ian at his Very Best.

And another song I must have requested Hundreds of time
I always thought was Ian at his ABSOLUTE VERY BEST.
And incidentally I have never heard anyone else sing this song
A Song from Scottish History: OH a true event.. Yes listen to:
The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Earl of Murray
Oh What a superbly sung song. And WHAT memories it brings
back to me.
It is on an EP.. and believe it or not; on the other side is what I
think is one of Lornas finest songs.
I value this EP as one of my VERY Special things.
Yes go on listen to Lorna, Put in:
Highland Widows Lament by Lorna Campbell 3.27
Lornas lovely voice just makes this song have so much feeling
Just SUPERB Singing.
And just listening again to those magic Songs has the power to
bring tears to my eyes.
Yes those two songs are Very Special to me bringing back
memories of My Happy days of long ago.
Yes this is the Magic of You tube. It can brings back these times

And in my trawling I have hit on another Very lovely Song:
No not sung by the Campbells:
But a lovely Scottish Lady Karen Matheson.
So to end another
Rays Chat Put in:-
My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose – Karen Matheson
You will go a long way to hear it sung better than that!

And some how we seem to have
Come to the end Of Another RAYS CHAT.
Time seems to go so fast. And this is the last Club until
We re-open in September.
Look Forward to seeing you then.

Nice chatting to You