May 14, 2017 By Diane Kemp

Ray’s chat 22

Hi Folks

So we have got to RAYS CHAT TWENTY TWO
WELL: I am going to do something VERY different for this Rays Chat.
OH YES.. In actual fact when you read this I will be in the Bulb Fields of Holland on a “Memory Lane Trip”
In my Twenties I spent quite a lot of time in Holland, I had some Great friends there.. Sadly none of them still alive.
Yes I had been involved with the Scouts 1957 Jamboree; and had met a Dutch contingent. Which meant I made some VERY good friends. This gave me the opportunity to visit Holland a lot.
I used to stay with a Dutch family in a house at the side of a canal in the Hague. Oh what memories.

I loved Holland and the Dutch People, and one thing above ALWAYS thrilled me was the Dutch Driaaorgels (Dutch Street Organs). My Dutch friends would Laugh at me; BECAUSE I only had only to hear a Driaaorgel in the Distance and I would HAVE to go find it and listen to the Glorious sound they made.
They drew me like a magnet.
There is no other sound in the World like it…. It is Magic to me..
I adore the Happy sound of Driaaorgels.!!

I also love the sound of the Old Street Barrel Organs.
You never see or hear them now.. only in some Film about Old London. They were a magic sound to me.

I remember Oh a long time ago now;
My Sister and I were in Solihull and I heard in the Distance a Barrel Organ!!!!! OH YES; I just HAD to get there.. Total Magic..
OHH a Joy to my ears.
My Sister said to the guy “Would you please let my Brother have a go!!!!!! And He said As I am doing for Charity YES if he likes to make a donation
OHHHHHHH What JOY!. Best Five Pounds worth I Ever Had!
But it is so much harder THAN YOU you might think..
It is fairly hard to Turn the handle..
The speed and rhythm of the TEMPO OF THE music depends entirely on how Fast, or Slow’ and how CONSTANT you turn the handle…. Oh So; Much harder than you would think.

Oh What a Treat for me!!!!

And YES I have found some of the
Magic Music of a Street Organ on you tube…
SO YES: I am going to let you hear the Wonderful sound of a London Street Organ.​
OH YES: Do Listen
Oh What a gorgeous sound, brings tears to my eyes.
Total Magic for me.
I am forever Grateful to my Sister; For giving me the JOY of playing one.

Oh YES What JOY!! And that was just the Barrel Organ..
I am now going to BLOW YOUR MIND with the Glorious sound of the DRAAIORGEL, THE DUTCH STREET ORGAN.
Nice Short one to start you off:
Put in
Dutch Music Organ 1.18
If you liked that then do look at this next one,
Lovely lots of these
Street Organ Draai Orgel – Lou Bandy – Medley 60 Street Organs 4.11

The Music Those Wonderful Organs make is produced by Punched Cards which feed through to let air blow different tubes and so on. You can see this working if you put in
Draaiorgel De Brandweer in Doesburg 8.16
And you will see the guy operating the Organ by turning the Big Wheel. Nowadays most of them get mechanically driven.

Well I hope I got you interested in Dutch Organs.
Nowadays there are not many played in the streets. Only on Special Occasions.
When I used to go to Den Haag in the late 50’, 60’s It was quite common to hear one in the next street; I just HAD to go and listen.
I do so hope I manage to find one on my visit to KEUKENHOF.

Well there you are!
I hope you have Enjoyed
I hope the FOLK CLUB COMMITTEE don’t throw me out for not talking about FOLK MUSIC this time.
But REALLY; when you think;
These organs were just another way of passing Music on.
Many of those Organs are Hundreds of years Old.
And as are the tunes
So: All part of Musical History.

Ok next time I will Chat
About FOLK again.

​ ​ Nice chatting to You