December 9, 2012 By SimonC

A Busy Performers Night

Sometimes a quiet night at the Red Lion has a certain intimacy that we all love but on the very best Performers Nights the place is humming with variety. Nothing is better for a performer that a warm audience filling the room. Nothing is better for the audience than a smattering of the new and the familiar. That was Friday night at the Shirley Red Lion.

Pete was hosting and he got the evening off to a great start with one of his songs (once he had the guitar in tune). He was followed through the first half by Andy’s whistle tunes ably supported by Laura, some beautiful singing by Diane, a welcome return and some thumping guitar work from Alex, songs from Steve and a rare solo performance from Barry and all rounded off by Finbar’s poetry and Paul in excellent form having been inspired by a recent Show of Hands concert (a totally Dougie free week and Ed wasn’t there to enjoy it).

The Tuesday (Soup) Club kicked off the second half after the remarkable raffle draw event that saw the last of Crittendon’s Crocks return to the Crittendons. Who would have thought that chance could work that way :)!

The Soup Club was followed with songs from Simon, Tommy, Laura, Derek and John and with poetry from Ray. The night was rounded off by Norman with three songs giving us all a taste of what’s to come when he plays his set for us in January.

Next club is Christmas Sing-Along special, on the 21st December. Thrup’nny Bits will be coming along to sing their special Christmas songs for us. If that is anything like as good as last year it is definitely not something you want to miss. There will also be a chance for everyone to sing-along to some traditional Christmas songs to get the holiday started. See you there.