September 22, 2012 By Paul

A cracking performer’s night

Performer’s Night – 21st September 2012

Part of the beauty of running a folk club is that you never quite know what is going to happen on a performer’s night and those few minutes when everyone arrives and you start to organise the programme can be relaxed and joyful or stressful and panic filled! As people arrived tonight it quickly became apparent that we were in for a great night of entertainment and an easy job of putting the running order together!

Simeon was in great form as MC, kicking off the evening in style with jokes and songs that got everyone in the mood for a good time. The Tuesday Club then took the floor. Ray and Richard are both new to performing and the warm reception that they received shows how welcome new performers are at our club. Finbar charmed us once again with his unique brand of poetry and his equally unique style. Derek had made the long trip from Stourport again and he wowed us with some excellent singing and expert guitar playing. Great stuff. Next up was Ric with his lovely mandocello and the first half was brought to a close by the welcome return of two stalwarts of Warwick folk club, Norman Wheatley and Dave Fry (check their programme at who both served up their usual top quality performances.

The highlight of the raffle was, of course, this week’s edition of “Great Plates of the World” aka “Crittenden’s Crocs”. Moscow was not only a particularly stylish plate but it had a label on the back with Russian writing on it! Pete was clearly thrilled as his ticket was drawn for his very first raffle win at the club. The plate was seen in the bar later being used to transport several pints of beer from the bar to Pete’s table!

The entertainment continued in the second half with a second helping of Derek, Dave and Norman (great performance of Gruntled). Somehow it always seems as if you have heard Tommy’s jokes a hundred times before but you just can’t help laughing all the same! A fine solo performance from Tommy was followed by a couple of poems from Ray and two lovely songs from the ever excellent Dianne. Carrick returned after their brilliant feature spot in August to treat us to a couple of fine songs with lovely harmonies and flute accompaniment. All rounded off by a lively spot from Where’s Mary and another great night of high quality music and company that is just lovely came to an end!

In October we have two performer’s nights on the 5th and the 19th. November brings our next guest night when we welcome the Ann Duggan Trio. Tickets will be on sale at the club during the October meetings and can be reserved in advance. For details see the guests page.